Something to think about when dating in Kazakhstan

I got the following off of Facebook, so take it for what it is worth.  I don’t agree with all that is here but for the most part, I think it is true.'s photo.

How to date a girl from KAZAKHSTAN?


Yes , we are all certain than you’ve seen that movie. And yes , it may be funny. But not for her. The real Kazakhstan has nothing to do with Borat. Mentioning him will only make you look silly and mediocre in her eyes. If she still laughs at those jokes or smiles, remember it’s only due to the way she has been raised – to be polite. However, deep inside she is totally dissapointed and compassionate for your stupidity.


It is 90% likely that her name might be exotic and difficult to pronounce. Make sure you learn how to say it the proper way, and ask her what is the name’s meaning. Usually, Kazakh names have direct translations. For instance, there are names as Beautiful Moon, Diamond, Happiness, Desire, or even Pomegranate.
In fact, if you are struggling with pronounciation , «if you don’t know my name, you can call me baby» can apply here, too. A universal word to address your beloved ones in Kazakh is jánim, which literally means «my soul».


She may be madly in love with you, but she would never show it. Pride and dignity are extremely common for a Kazakh girl. She knows her worth, and would expect you to approach her first. Be a man! The longer you hesitate, the less manly you seem. Take decisions. Actions before words. Oh and yes, FLOWERS are a big thing in Kazakhstan, on any occasion, don’t forget about that!


A girl from Kazakhstan is going to observe your manners. Be respectful and go private with your disguisting habits. Nobody is telling you to stop swearing and burping – you may do it at home (she will never know)! It is true that women from anywhere in the world wouldn’t fancy it, but Kazakh girls are especially sensitive with that matter. It is expected that you hold the door for her, help with the chair, arrive on time and follow the basic table manners.


Kazakh people even have a joke: “if you are invited for a party, it doesn’t matter how late you arrive – what matters is that you arrive the exact same day”. When it comes to going on a date or catching a train, be prepared to wait longer than the acceptable 15 minutes. A girl from Kazakhstan often takes her time to prepare and doesn’t rush much. As simple as that.


Ancient Kazakhs were the first people in history to domesticate and ride horses. Kazakhs are in the TOP 3 list for horsemeat consumption in the world. Be prepared to try the horsemeat beshparmak, kazy, and… oh yes – the horse milk, which is a natural alcoholic beverage called kumys.
Bon appetite!


At first sight, a girl from Kazakhstan seems very prude, reserved and will likely distance herself from others. If this «good girl» does have any bad habits, like smoking or drinking, she will rarely expose it in public. However, be aware that the whole essence of a Kazakhstani girl becomes revealed behind the curtain. Once you become special to her, she will be the funniest party animal and the wildest lover you have ever met.


Kazakh society has traditionally been pretty patriarchic: the men are the breadwinners and the women are the perfect housewifes. Traditionally parents raise the girls with the idea that family is the most precious value in the world. The Kazakh girl will iron your shirts without you asking, prepare your favorite dishes, give you love, support and care; surprise you with fantastic gifts on any occasion, she can pay for taxi or anything like that, she is proud and independent, but when it comes to dinners and dates – the European «let’s split the bill» is not an option – you invite.


It is hard to meet a Kazakh girl that is not educated. She certainly holds a Bachelor Degree or more, or on the way getting it. In fact, she probably speaks more than 3 languages by default. Since Kazakhstan is home to over 130 nationalities, she is also aware of different cultures and customs. She reads books, she knows about art, literature and history; she is resourceful, resilient and mindful – she understands compromise. Hence, the women from Kazakhstan are attracted to men that are smart – no exception.


Ever heard of GGG fighter? Yes, Gennady Golovkin, the undefeated world’s number one middleweight boxer is from Kazakhstan. Majority of Kazakh men have at some point in their life attended fighting classes – be it boxing, judo or jiu jitsu. In general, girls from Kazakhstan are attracted to strong men with a strong character. If she is having a late night walk with you in a park, make sure you know how to defend her, not only physically, but also, for instance, to have the guts to step out for her in any conflicting conversation.


Did you know that Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world? That it is home to the world’s first and largest space launch facility? How about the fact that apples originated from Kazakhstan? There is a lot more to explore. You can easily woo her with even the tiniest knowledge about her country.


Stan is a Persian word for land or nation. Kazakh means wanderer, adventurer. Therefore, the name Kazakhstan translates as «Land of the Wanderers». It is in her blood to travel, to explore new things, to meet new people, to taste new dishes…

By Meruyert Arman /

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Gardening with a vengeance – Good soil vs. quack grass


Apricot tree blooming in the dusk hour

I know that there are gardeners out there who can relate to the problem of quack grass…it is a tenacious, stubborn and very prolific weed in many gardens.  I marvel at how the first farmers who came in this area over 150 years ago cut up the prairie with the grasses that are here.  If the prairie grass grows well without much encouragement, then it is good for grain and sugar beets, right?  Well, the farmers nowadays use Roundup and other weed killers, I suppose I could do the same with my gardens. I must have about 13-14 to deal with.  I have worked with the two sweet pea plots, one around the yard light and the other by the well.  I have pulled away all the nasty weeds by the peonies that have been languishing for years.  They needed attention and also some fertilizer. I’m glad they have not succumbed to the quack grass, they seem to co-habitate with them just fine. I would like to have some nice blossoms this spring.


what pulled quack grass looks like, evil

On to the shop, east side where there are butterfly plants and other various assortment…then on to the Rock and Roll garden. After that the one north of the garage and then around the house, to the east, south and west.  I have a garden bed on the north side, that will have coleus and other plants that don’t need sun. I have the raspberry patches to doctor up with the itch weed growing there. Then there is the garden that has daisies and a LOT of wild plum trees growing there.  I suppose I should attack that sooner than later.  Let’s see, where else?  I have my potted plants that I put up on our clothes line poles and there is another place where an old combine used to be. It gets to be quite overwhelming but then, once it is done and the flowers are blooming, it is all worth it.


what worked up soil looks like

I suppose the fact that I’m writing all this out is just a delay mechanism kicking in…I MUST go out while the weather is good this morning to get more work done.  Okay, over and out!


what quack grass looks like before pulled out!

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Saw the Play “Diary of Anne Franke”

Last night my folks, husband and I witnessed the intensity of living in an upstairs room, maybe attic of an Amsterdam business.  Ken and I have walked by this place and so it was easy for me to imagine what they could see out their windows when they referred to the channel next to their place. The sound effects also could be the goose step sounds of the Nazi soldiers marching down the narrow streets next to their building.  Apparently Mr. Otto Frank was a very highly respected man, in whatever profession he had been in before he and his wife and two daughters went into hiding.  Then you see the Von Daan family joined them because the father of Peter Von Daan had helped Mr. Frank move into the Netherlands.

The Frank family had originally lived and had come from Frankfurt, Germany. When escaping their home in a rush, Mr. Frank had purposely put an address in the wastebasket for Zurich, Switzerland so that had thrown the enemy off thinking that is where they had escaped to.  Instead, they were in Amsterdam and holed up in the one place without going outside for over a year and a half.

The eight people were fed by kind people who were downstairs with an office, Mr. Kaler and a lady named Miep.  They had added on a Mr. Dussel who was NOT a likeable character at all. Food became short and tempers became shorter. On Sept. 4, 1944, the Green Police stormed into their attic and they had five minutes to bring their belongings with them where the women were separated.  Otto went to Auschwitz and Anne and her sister Margot went to Bergen Belsen where they may have died of typhus six months after their capture in Feb. or March of 1945. Apparently their mother had stayed behind and died of starvation.  Otto Frank was in the concentration camp that was liberated and he returned to Amsterdam to find out about his family’s fate.

He found Anne’s diary and did all he could to preserve her memory of what she captured from her 13-15 year old perspective of life in hiding.  Otto Frank died in 1980.  An estimated 30,000 Dutch Jews stayed in hiding in the Netherlands but 100,000 perished in the Nazi death camps.  I would tell my writing students that writing our memories down in whatever format is important for posterity’s sake.  What an evening it was and now my day will begin with a 5K walk and then birthday brunch with my husband then a birthday party at the Carnegie and then finally this evening we will have a jazz band concert/dance at the Carnegie.  Better get ready for the day!!!!!!

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April Fools in the NEW Movie just out!

I taught my composition classes this morning and then left the university to go home to pick up my husband so we would go shopping about 25 miles from our place.  I had THREE, no four things I needed to get…music for violin and flute duets.  Check. Tablecloth for the Carnegie to match the other three that I had already gotten last year. Check. Bins for our wash sink basin. Check. Finally, running (walking) shoes and I LOVE Saucony shoes. Check!

Then my husband wanted to go to a movie that had JUST come out today…God’s NOT Dead Part II. It was very well done and I was emotionally connected to it on many different levels.  I teach at a university and so I know the age group that this was set for.  The family dynamics for the one girl was very messy. The teacher was brought to court because she had quoted a passage from Scripture and one evil attorney wanted to ruin her. He was very clever but the teacher’s attorney who represented her in front of a judge and jury outfoxed the guy.  I was totally taken in by the plot and when the credits rolled at the end, they showed the number of court cases that have already happened where Christian teachers have had lawsuits filed against them by ACLU types. There must have been about 25-30 that have happened all over our nation. Sickening.  April Fools Day was an appropriate day to have the first day showing of this movie…it showed who the REAL fools were!

There were other plots intertwined with this as well. The song group Newsboys was on this show as well as Lee Stroebel and Mike Huckabee. Others were in this movie but I didn’t know them since we don’t watch t.v.  Anyway, I’m glad we had our date together. Then we stopped by unannounced to a friend’s place and we talked and caught up. He has recently published another book about Germans from Russia and what he has found out in his five years of writing and researching this.  We went out for supper together and then came home.

Once home, I got my violin out and practiced every song in the two song books that I had bought.  Some will work better than others…now to just make photo copies of some of these songs and practice together with the flute player.  Good day for being April Fools day!

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The latest from the classroom

Another Gray Comp ClassI have some great composition students this semester. One class is a bit slower but steady…another is more awake and doing better. I like them all.  We are in the last leg of the course and they are all invested in a topic of their choice. There were those that I had eliminated because *I* do not want to read about abortion, death penalty, GMOs, legalization of drugs, global warming, etc.  They have a wide array of things to choose from and some will be very interesting.

One Korean gal is going to write about the Veri-chip which I know nothing about.  Another will write about the Green Revolution, again, I’ll learn from my student on that.  I always have my college athletes who write about how college football players should be paid.  I might have another who will want to persuade others that college tuition should be free. Someone did that last year and found out that they was quite a reaction amongst her peers.  I always have them look at each other’s chosen topics and give feedback anonymously about each one.  So, they could end up with other views or thoughts from 25 of their classmates.  This proves helpful when they are writing on the other side for their persuasive essay. I want to make sure that they allow for another opinion instead of launching off about how they are right, the sources they found are accurate and if you don’t believe it, you are an idiot sort of persuasion.

These students will be giving their papers in powerpoint form to their classmates and I usually invite outsiders to come and critique and give their opinion about what they have come up with.  It is a win-win because it prepares the students to be more formal and not so casual as if they are only doing this presentation just for their peers. They have to keep in mind that there are outsiders who come in and don’t know everything on the topic they are reporting on.  I have someone talking about bee-keeping and someone else about hunting of wolves.  They have to find at least 5-6 sources from academic journals that can back them up. They are NOT allowed to use first person pronouns.  I tell them they need to find experts that can cover their back.  This means they are not in high school anymore where they can spout off whatever they find from doing a google search, they have to discover the research databases that our university provides.

Yes, we are ALL ready for summer and the end of this school year. We have had unseasonably warm days already which fools us into thinking that spring is really, really here.  Maybe it is, we have all the birds gathered around our bird feeder and also drinking and bathing in the water of our bird bath.  I’ve lived in Minnesota long enough to know that we could STILL have a winter like blizzard, even up to May.  So we are all bracing ourselves for that inevitable event…for now we are enjoying the warm spring temps.

Gray Comp Class

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Saw first robin yesterday – spring is officially here!


western horizon with wet fields from melt

I was doing the usual yard work that one does when the snow is gone and the temps are in the 60s.  Yesterday evening in the shelter belt of trees where we have wild raspberries growing, I was raking out the extra dead branches and other old leaves.  I could hear birds chirping and that was a welcome sound.  Then as I was bringing bigger limbs of trees that I had cut last fall to the burn pile, I saw a skinny robin.  That IS a welcome sight because that can mean only one thing, spring is officially here!  There have been vast V-formations of geese flying north so that is another sign of spring.

We did the “Seven Last Words” by Theodore Dubois on Sunday and there were about 35 of us singers with the four soloists, an organist and pianist.  That too is another sign of spring and I am NOW ready for Easter after having practiced those words set to music.  I captured some recent sunsets and during the spring when the air is clear is a good time to do that.  So, without much else to write about…I am attaching some photos.


shelter belt trees close to the wild raspberries

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Another sunrise shot with Jack Frost at the window


Sunrise with Jack Frost peering in

We survived the caucuses the other night and now we are on for eight more months of political talk and (lies).  I think the American public is fed up with this and so that is why looking at sunrises, skyscapes and sunsets seem to be a nice break from it all.  I think too there is someone from Canada who really liked looking at my blog yesterday, there were almost 300 hits and I’m used to have just 75 to 100 hits per day even though I don’t write much any more about Kazakhstan.  All very interesting.


Shelter belt shot

A GOP debate tonight will be missed again by us, purposefully.  We did watch the 20 minute spiel by Mitt Romney this morning when he was looking very statesman like and talked about the con man who is running a charade.  We had a governor in Minnesota who was obviously not a politician but rather a show man, he knew how to con the votes out of Republicans and Democrats and ran as an independent.  Well, the state of Minnesota had enough of Jesse V. and so we will not stomach another with Donny T.  We voted on Super Tuesday for Rubio instead. He was not my choice but then the guy who won Texas and Oklahoma was.  We shall see on March 15th what happens with the remaining delegates…all very interesting.  We are at a crossroads.


Looking into the prairie horizon

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