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What I do for fun

Now that the big event of Syttende Mai is over with, I can relax. We made just over $500 with the 50-60 people who showed up. The speaker did a GREAT job of talking about Norway’s history and the significance of this event on May 17th.  What do I do for fun now?  I have been going to a neighboring field that was farmed by the Wastweet family. I asked my dad and also my 98 year old aunt to find out more about this family.  There is NOTHING left of the farm except metal pieces that I have been picking up.


Also, I have picked up quite a few porcelain pieces as well as large chunks of crock pieces.  The other night I found two marbles and tonight I found a Vick’s drops cobalt blue bottle about an inch and a half big.  That’s the first whole bottle I have found after all these years of tractors driving over the earth with all this stuff still in it.

Tonight I also found a piece of metal about 10 inches by 10 inches that maybe someone purposefully left there. It was old and looked like a flap for something.  It was heavy so I paced it out 275 feet from the gravel road and 25 paces to the grassy turn around place.  I wonder if it will be there by the end of the harvest.  I’m sure it would get caught in the machinery, all this metal.


The blue cylinders I will use as pedestals for planters.  I will use E6000 glue to stick down all the glass shards that make for a decorative piece.  I also have a barn red pedestal for a ceramic bird bath that I just purchased today.  This will be fun to figure out a design for these three things.

So, that is what I do for fun. On Thursday, I’ll go with a friend who is into this kind of hunt for the unknown to an old dump ground in our area which is close to the river, that has yielded some amazing things.  Anyway, just know this is my BEFORE photo of what I hope to turn into a work of art.

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