Quiet winter morning sunrise

While U.K. is getting slammed with two feet of snow and the eastern part of the U.S. is getting pelted with rains and storms…we have a tranquil morning to enjoy. Not for long though because by Sunday and Monday we will be deluged with more snow and blizzard conditions. Such is life here on the open prairie.


I realize that most all of us are sick of winter but if you make a sport of it like x-country skiing, then it isn’t so bad.  The temps have been melting the snow so icicles are forming and the snow is not quite the right quality to ski on in the warm afternoons.  This morning might be a good time but I have other errands to run, it will have to wait.


I need to share what the skiing trails look like from our second floor window looking north. It really is wonderful to be out while the trees are all flocked with what the fog leaves behind from the night air.


For now I’ll leave my faithful readers of my blog with this sunup photo from this morning. Sometimes I have to wait for about 5-10 minutes to get it just right…but it is worth it!


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