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New Era, more work but different

I turned in my semester grades on Monday and went to a work luncheon with 100s of employees yesterday. It is technically finished for me, now I have to clear out of my office eventually and then work on the most pressing things that are here at home.  Last night we mowed the lawn for the first time this spring for about 2 1/2 hours and that was good because now it is raining again. I should be out using Miracle Gro on some of the plants that need some sustenance using the wonderful rain water that collects in the rain barrel. I love that utilitarian yard piece. It is a simple, functional 50 gallon tub that collects water from the garage roof and house roof. If not caught, it is a LOT of the water that otherwise would just go into the ground.

It is necessary to stay ahead of the weeds and there was itch weed that I took out last night and need to replace that area with something else like daylilies or something invasive but pretty.  I also need to clear out another garden from weeds because we will paint the shop before our century farm celebration in August.  Much painting to accomplish with some of our other outbuildings and while the temps are cool enough is the right time to do it.   We also need to get a professional painter to come and help with our indoor painting up the stair ways.  When we first moved into this century old farmhouse I had done the painting of this tall ceiling but now I am ready to pay someone to do it instead.  It was scary to negotiate the scaffolding.  I also took that nasty fall a year ago, people don’t let me climb up a chair that is two feet off the ground.  This ceiling is about 20 feet high!

I have flowers to repot and put in the ground and then there are rooms to clean out so we can use them again.  So much has piled up of the museum work I have done or the writing I have done in the past several years. Time to clear that out and file it away so we can enjoy our upstairs rooms again.  Then there is teaching stuff that I need to purge or save, depending on how good the material is, how relevant to today’s students.

Attached is a photo of my great grandfather with his four sons, I don’t know the order of who the sons are (George, Hans and Andrew) and where they are standing. I DO know where my grandfather Ameel is standing. But that is another thing I want to accomplish this summer is figuring out my Dad’s side of the family before the Century Farm in August.  That would be a nice gift for my dad but also for all our relatives who are coming for this event. Sooo this may be a new era of not teaching but the work seems more intensive while I’m not paid to do it.  How does THAT work?

1895 ca FRONT Torkel Torkelson_ BACK unknown, unknown, Andre (1)

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Should be weeding the gardens or cleaning house

Yes, it is that time again to delay the inevitable…we have many gardens that need tending and the weeds just grow bigger by the hour if I don’t do it. The lawn will need cutting soon and also the plum trees are blooming like never before. Even in our ditches we know that plum trees that are growing wild are blooming…we didn’t know they were there before.  Such a dry spring and an early one at that.  Well, I hope to have a GREAT harvest of plums when the time comes…I’ll give away what we have by having people come out to pick their own.

The semester is done, I just have to submit the grades for my 29 students, some failed but most of them got As and many Bs. These students worked hard and I am proud of them.  In fact some got published in our local newspaper for the last five weeks, next week will be the last story about their grandparents that they wrote for my first assignment back in January.

There is the house to clean which is always true but I have to find some pictures that belong to a man who asked for them back. Uffda, I put them in a safe place so now I have to retrieve them wherever THAT is!  I have to make sense of all the history things that I have made photo copies of or have gotten copies from the Carnegie or museum.  I have to start a filing system so I can go to an article of interest and not have to go through piles of STUFF to get to what I need.  I’m glad I have a summer vacation.

Well, whatever you call a vacation, I will have a summer intern working with us and that means I have to be one step ahead of him with things for him to do in the 25 hours that he is working for us from May 15-Aug. 15th.  The board of directors met him last night and I think he left a good impression with all of them.

So, besides outdoor chores and indoor tasks, there is always the Carnegie to get straightened out before Ox Cart Days in August.  We have painting of out buildings here on the farm before our Century Farm celebration.  IN the meantime also, I want to find out more about my Dad’s grandfather. We don’t know much about him.  I am supplying a photo of what he looked like with his sons, one of them is my grandpa.  They had to work hard but it looks like they enjoyed hunting with their four dogs.

Okay, back to work.1895 ca FRONT Torkel Torkelson_ BACK unknown, unknown, Andre (1)

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So we finally have spring after May 1st arrival

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI should be grading my students’ final papers because grades will be due for this spring semester by next week.  I have distracted myself with doing everything BUT grading.  It has been a good semester with great students, with a few bumps in the road, but we are ALL glad it is the end of a semester.  I should be out cleaning gardens but instead I have been framing old pictures for our Carnegie building for Ox Cart Days in August.  We had a film crew come yesterday from the Twin Cities to videotape what we are doing in Crookston.  The Carnegie and our museum was chosen to be in a 7 minute spot.

So, the time goes quickly when you are having fun. I hosted my folks to a dinner theater with “The Complete Works of Shakespeare: An Abridged version.”  It was VERY funny!  We have talent at our university with young energy.  Okay, I should move on to other things but I’ll post some photos of our landscape so far. The apricot tree was blooming several days ago, now we have plum trees that are looking glorious. Such is spring!


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