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Bay Window Sun

This university spring semester is almost done, we have graduation this Saturday. I have to get my grades in before May 9th. I had my last class with my composition students last Thursday.  Since no more students will be on campus, the Greenhouse was selling plants that I need for my vegetable garden. I bought 32 tomato plants and then broccoli and cauliflower too.  I also bought many wave petunias, different colors, I must have gotten 36 of them and I have planted in pots half of that.


I also have coleus that I snipped off the tallest sprig and put them in water so that they root.  Overall, I have a LOT of work to do to get the gardens prepared for these plants. I dare not put them in for another month because it could still freeze by end of May. Supposedly the first week of June is the time to REALLY plant.


I went to an Arts Expo and I met the young woman who is Miss MN right now. She got her piano instruction from another woman who had another Miss MN get in about five years ago.  Talent on piano counts for something.  She asked people to find her in the crowds as she was the one wearing a sparkly hat.  Cute.  She is friends with my violin playing niece and knows my sister who is INTO creating music through technology.


How great to see all the talent that came together from seven counties for this Arts Expo event. I am now inspired to do more creative things with the broken glass I have found. First I have to grade my students research papers and THEN I’ll have a bit more free time. Ha!


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