Our Winter whiteness

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHow nice to wake up to this winter wonderland of white frost on our trees.  We are believing in spring with the intensity of the sun, but there are setbacks where we have colder weather appropriate for February and March.

I have ONE more week with my students and then it is spring break where they will go hither and yon for the week they are free from classes.  For now, I am having them write an ethnography paper on the subculture of their research topic.  Should be interesting what papers I get next week. I will try to turn around and get the papers graded and back to them before they leave for the break.

Difficult for ME to stay focused as I want to be out x-country skiing on the fresh snow. We are so thankful for our neighbors who come to snowblow us out of the yard that gets socked in with drifts of snow, especially when winds are from the south.

Today when I was about to go ski, I heard what was a tractor.  Our wonderful neighbor was doing our front yard, then I saw him with his big John Deere tractor in our backyard. I waited until he was done in about 15 minutes and then he went to his sons’ yard that needed blowing out. We are fortunate that we are in between his place and where his sons have a house.


Here’s our front yard and you can see my ski tracks off to the left of the driveway. I am having a wonderful time going out in the woods, all is pristine and white.

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