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Lapse of Posting My Blog Entries

I never thought it would come to this, my not posting in my blog as frequently as once a day, now it has been almost once a month.  I have been busy writing about local history and that has NOTHING to do with Kazakhstan.  None whatsoever.  Where I come from and my hometown in northwestern Minnesota are about as far apart from Astana or Almaty as can be.  So I thought I might put up a  sunrise or sunset shot and let you guess which it is.  I hope that once I am done teaching my composition students in May that I will write more that is pertinent to Kazakhstan.  I need to clean through my files to find more material that I collected about Central Asia. I owe my faithful followers and readers that much!

For now, please read the following blog about Alma Ata written by a former colleague of mine when I taught at KIMEP in Almaty.  Cheers! Molapse!


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Been Awhile, Will Post More Soon

IMG_0415I have been busy teaching composition I and writing IMG_0436and that is my only excuse for not posting more lately. I have photos to show of our Minnesota sunsets and that will have to do for now. I might as well be in Kazakhstan on the open steppes. We still have snow and promise of more! Enjoy your spring, we are still in winter mode. I have a feeling that if I were back in Astana, Kazakhstan, they would be experiencing the same thing. White snow and no green yet!

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