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Hats, hats and more hats!


Blue feather hats would be stunning


You can be patriotic and stylish too!


Some might prefer GREEN for their fashion look!

I have gotten through nearly two weeks of teaching composition at my university. Also, I have gotten my first 40 papers from my students to read through. Giving feedback to them will be easy because these have written good essays on their grandparents, I have read some very good “rough drafts.”  The one class is better than the earlier one that starts at 9:00 a.m.  I got to my empty classroom yesterday at 8:15 a.m. to set up.  At least I “thought” it was empty. No, there in the corner of this small room that seats 20 students, close to the open windows was one of my students sleeping soundly.  I let him sleep because I didn’t know if he was having roommate problems and just needed the extra shut eye.  Turns out that in this full classroom that the next two people who came into the room were a part of this guy’s table.They sat down right next to this deep into sleep guy. Finally, I woke Bubba up and he go up with a bright smile yet tired look.  He is a big football player, a nose guard. As it turns out, the coach uses my classroom on the second floor for early morning team meetings at 7:00 a.m.

Well, the two classes went well with my students handing in their first assignment and listening to the head librarian talk about our university’s research databases. I have read all of the papers now and will hand them back tomorrow with my feedback.  It takes a LONG time to read them and give the necessary and constructive comments.  Some need help on organization, others need to work on details in their content, while others need help with grammar and spelling.  A few need extra coaching on all parts of the writing process.  Uffda!

I have HATS on the brain. It is because on Oct. 24th, at the Carnegie, we will have a tea party with ladies. During the tea, we will have a silent auction on some of the hats that we have in storage at the Carnegie.  I have taken photos of over 135 hats and there are even more hats of all shapes and sizes at the museum.  They are a dime a dozen.  We hope we can make $25 or so on each hat when they are up for sale on Oct. 24th.  Lots to organize for that while we will have painting parties again for another fundraiser.  Always something going on.

I’m also thinking about being a party organizer for painting parties. I haven’t talked to my husband about this yet but I enjoyed painting FOUR different pictures two weeks ago during the five parties that we hosted at the Carnegie.  Oh, I DO have enough to do but I think this would be a good outlet for my artistic side.  So much to do…so little time.  In the meanwhile, we will have fun with the hats from the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s.  Hats, hats, hats!


This looks like a hat from Central Asia!

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