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Ainur B’s Grandparents and the War Effort

When I started to think about my grandparents the first thing I remembered from their life are stories about World War II. This war changed their lives absolutely.  My mother’s grandfather from her mother’s side Akatay was the first bank worker in Kazakhstan. Because of his father’s position in society (he was called “rich man”) he was departured far away Kolkhoz (collective farm) to a chairman’s post.

But he wasn’t a guy who liked to take the easy way out. He started to write requests for military service to fight and eventually departed to the front.  After a while his family received a letter that Akatay died in Kursk Duga fight near Voronezh city heroically. His children hadn’t still found a place of his burial.

My mother’s grandfather from father’s side Otynshy was sent to fight when he was 50 because at that time all young men were gone to the front and it was the old men’s turn to go. He went till Berlin in a cavalry army and returned home with a victory. He lived long and prosperous life and was also well known hunter and akyn (poet).

My grandfather from my father’s side, named Darybay, served in an “urgent army.” Darybay with hundreds of young men defended Leningrad city from fascist army.  All days and nights he was standing against enemies with Leningrad citizens and eventually won that hard war.

Darybay was witness of military parade at Red Square which was held on the ninth of May in 1945 when thousands of German soldiers went back on a shameful march of people who lost that war.

Beside all that, my grandfather Darybay saved the life of one of his soldier friend. Both of them were executing one important task .They were crawling back after the task was done but his friend couldn’t crawl anymore. As you know during that hard time, soldiers and simple inhabitants were given only 200 grams of bread a day. His friend asked my grandfather to leave him alone and go back because he had no force to go on. My grandfather crawled back to his part and the only thing he could do was to show him to the place where his friend was lying. He was awarded by Order of Red Star and order for courage and died at the age of 78 surrounded by his loving children.

My grandfather from my mother’s side Kablolda was a member of a tank crew in WWII. He was injured badly but ran away from the hospital in order to join his army and walk down in a victory march along the streets of the German capital. After the war ended, he returned home and started to work on mountain mining. He was awarded a car “Pobeda” in Almaty for hard work. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get that car because he returned on a halfway to Almaty to liquidate fire started near his village. The task was not to let the fire get to mountain mining where dozen’s of explosions were hidden. And he helped to avoid an outburst. He died at the age of 43 because of his war wounds.

All of my grandfathers brought in a huge contribution to win WWII and I’m proud of them.





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