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Tyler Perry’s “Madea Goes to Jail” movie

Some critical readers may think human trafficking has nothing to do with Kazakhstan. Unaffected, privileged Kazakhs in high places especially would just as soon I don’t continue to write on my blog about slavery in Central Asia.  Why am I featuring this sordid topic on what initially was supposed to be my perspective on Kazakhstan?  Maybe it IS relevant…maybe not. I remain undeterred, even though my message on this blog has veered from higher education in Central Asia, the truth will out itself eventually.

Trafficking is happening all around us, slavery is alive and well today, not only in Kazakhstan, but every place that has grueling poverty.   Perhaps those in places of power in Kazakhstan want the rest of the world to think their country has oil money and political influence. These clueless, “important” people want Kazakhstan to appear like Dubai by looking at the modern architecture in the major cities of Almaty and Astana. However, the age old slavery problem exists behind many of these walls and in the mentality of those in power. Prosperity exists for a few but if you go just an hour outside of either of these cities into the rural areas, the lack of education, joblessness and poverty is there.

Sadly, the U.S. has NOT “arrived” yet either.  We have our wealth but we also have desperate people who are not living out their dreams in the land of opportunity.  Though that has been our American cultural tradition, hope and opportunity.  Every day I’m finding out that we have slavery and human trafficking in my home state of Minnesota.

Last night my husband and I watched another movie by Tyler Perry that has a mostly black cast.  “Madea Goes to Jail” is funny in places and too close to the truth painful in others. Even Viola Davis had a role in this Tyler Perry  movie  where she was working a prison ministry in jail.  (Viola Davis will probably get an Academy award for her prominent part in “The Help.”)  Other cameo shots were Dr. Phil, Whoopi Goldberg, Sharpton and other women from “The View.”  Those were the funny parts, the other ugly parts showed a black woman named Candy who was caught up in prostitution and was to be the slave to her pimp.  You’ll have to check this movie out to see what happened to Candy.

What can people do to help out with this raging problem and epidemic of human trafficking? See below some simple ideas to pursue that I got from the “Not for Sale” website.  Right now I am reading “Not For Sale” by David Batstone.  Some of the stories as told by those who have been enslaved and fortunate enough to escape are terrifying and riveting.  I challenge YOU to do something, to become aware of what is happening around the globe. JUST DO SOMETHING to help eradicate slavery globally and in your own backyard!!!

30 seconds – Follow @Not_For_Sale on Twitter –

One minute – Join the underground e-mail list – Not for Sale

3 minutes – Download the Free2Work Application –

5 minutes – Fuel the Abolitionist movement – Not for sale

1 hour – Research slavery in your own backyard – slavery

1 day – Bring Not for Sale to your community – Not for Sale

2 days – Attend the Global Forum on Human Trafficking – Global forum on human Sunnyvale, CA, Oct. 20-21

3 days – Read “Not for Sale” book by David Batstone, go to

1 week – Train in smart activism at NFS Academy –

1 month – Commit $28 to Emancipation as a Backyard Abolitionist

6 months – Become a full-time fellow for NFS

1 year – Lead your local community Abolitionist Network

Lifetime – Together we can END slavery!!!

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