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Photos from “Enchanted Horizons” (Part III)

The last of a series that I started two days ago features the landscape photography of V. Yokushkin of the different national parks, reservations and other beautiful places in Kazakhstan. These are postcards for sale and published by Perfect Gift.

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Photos of “Enchanted Horizons” (Part II)

Yesterday I featured the photographer V. Yokushkin and today I’ll show four more of his photos from around Kazakhstan. Incredible shots taken from different parts of this huge nation which is the size of four Texases.  That’s a lot of ground to cover being that Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world with only about 16 million people populating it.  The talent from these few who have the ability to travel, show the beauty of this little known area of the world.  Enjoy!

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Photos from “The Land of Enchanted Horizons”

A young Kazakh woman from work gave me some beautiful photo postcards of Kazakhstan’s landscapes published by “Perfect Gift.”  She just came back from Michigan on a Bolashak grant and wanted to send some of these postcards to her professors and friends back in Michigan.   I think these photos are beautiful!!! The photographer’s name is V. Yokushkin.  The fine print on each card is very difficult to read the names of each of these places, fortunately they are in three languages, Kazakh, Russian and English.

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