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Kirill’s Grand, Grandfather led a heroic life

Ivan Shuba is my Grand grandfather. I want to write about him because of his heroic life, which I have heard about from my Grandmother (his daughter). He died not so long ago so I remember him well. When I looked at him he seemed very strong and confident, which evoked good feelings in me. Grand granddad Ivan was and is a good example of the real man as we all are supposed to be. I knew him and visited several times, but I was just a kid and that is why we never spoke to each other like adult to adult. Ivan was a short-spoken person and did not like to talk a lot. He took a part in two World Wars and managed to stay alive. 

My Grandmother told me a lot about him and his heroic life. She told me about him during the First World War when he was a little boy helping his family in the garden to provide food for the army. During World War II when he was seriously injured he continued to fight. He was the Senior Sergeant and drove a car in the Second World War.  

He was born in 1909 in Ust-Kamenogorsk city, East Kazakhstan, and spent all his life there except for a war time. I do not know any details about his childhood but my Grandmother told me that he had a general secondary education and took special driving course. After the war he was working as a driver for all his life. He was able to drive all types of the vehicles (including trucks and passenger busses) and was considered to be a high professional.  

It is because of his and his comrades’ efforts we live in this world now as a free society in the peaceful independent country. I hope that all modern young people can stand against the enemy and defend their country when it is necessary but we all prefer to live in peace and prosperity and respect others countries and peoples.  

Conclusion: Remember your relatives, love them, respect what they have done, do not repeat they mistakes and try not to judge them.

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Dauren’s grandfather open hands and open heart


This essay I would like to dedicate to my grandfather. I want to share his way of life which has made him stronger and also write about his beautiful wife who is now my grandmother. I would like to start with some historical events concerning my grandfather. Actually, he was a villager and put his whole soul into this business. What do you know about rural lifestyle? On the one hand, it is friendly and strong relationships with your neighbors, fresh air and slow running time. On the other, it is a daily, physically exhausting job, not lack of time spent on sleeping and shortage of time to study. If you manage with these problems, surely, you will be a person who is physically and mentally strong, ambitious and responsible. Exactly such person is on my mind when I think about my grandfather.

Grandfather followed in his ancestors’ footsteps, which had been engaged with the farming industry after the war period. I’m reminded about my great grandfather, who had participated in the World War II where he was awarded with orders and medals. Father of my grandfather was called upon the war in 1942 to infantry and occupied the position of machine-gunner up to 1944. The responsibilities of a machine-gunner included: to escape the trenches first and start to fire disorderly on the opponent’s side. In addition, in the case of deviation to be the last and to defend the whole army. This position was the one which may hurt or even kill the soldier. That is why he spent a lot of time at the hospital. After those difficulties, he was appointed as the director of the State Farm in his village.

Back to my grandfather, at the beginning of his professional life he started with the entry to Agricultural Technical College. Graduating from there, he started his labour activity on the position of State Farms master. Going through all the levels of employment, he achieved the position of the Chief Engineer. The work was difficult, stressful and required execution of problems with deadlines. It was a necessary experience to get on well with the staff and to have understanding relationships. Executing all duties diligently, he deserved authority as an honest, hard-working and responsible person. Summarizing all these qualities and his incredible results, the administration made a decision of transferring him to the position of the Chief of the Meat Industrial Complex to the suburb of the Ust – Kamenogorsk, the Molodejnyi city.

Concerning the personal life, occasionally he met his companions from school days. Sympathising with each other, my ancestor did not even guess of love that had been expected in the nearest future. At the moment of graduating from college, my grandfather had married my Granny. Next year, the baby emerged who is now my father. After that 3 other children were born. In addition, it is suitable to say that this woman did not stop being responsible, cheerful and enormously good housekeeping woman. She worked on the position of accountant while at the same time successfully managing the development of her existing 4 children, who absorbed such qualities as justice, optimism and other qualities. Besides, after coming to Molodejnyi, she was one of the progressive employees in the financial sphere.

Starting memorising the life – period spent in Molodejnyi city different episodes emerge which will never be deleted. We had been playing games in the open air, drinking natural milk, gaining knowledge in some Kazakh traditions and games, received plenty of caresses and love. The most special event took place when our grandfather gave us a red, huge car toy. We had been riding and therefore we were very proud and happy with this new acquisition.


Unfortunately, my grandfather left very early when he was only 54. However, there will always be a memory of a kind, open-minded, self-esteem person with open hands and open heart.

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