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Indira’s Grandfather was a career military man

Grandparents play a very important role in our lives.  Of course all of us have really different opinions about grandparents. For some they can help in difficult situations or give good advice and we cannot imagine life without them.  But maybe for someone else, grandparents are no more than just relatives.  I want to write about an important person in my life, I chose my grandfather because I am proud of him very much.

My grandfather’s name Kajgalii, he was born in 1922 year in Volgograd town. When he was about 19 years old, the Great Patriotic War started and as a volunteer he went to the war. At the beginning of war he was just a soldier and he was very brave and knew military structure very well. After three years he became a general. Fortunately, in 1945 the war ended and he came back home and got married. In 1955 was born his first son Puzl then three year later his next son, my father, and after him two daughters. In my hometown Uralsk, it is west part of Kazakhstan where my father was born. This is because my grandfather with his wife and first child moved to this city where my grandfather is a well-known and respective person.

About twenty years he was working in a military system in my hometown of Uralsk. My grandfather loved me very much he always taught me to be a good person, in difficult situations he gave me very good advice. Unfortunately, he died suddenly one June day, the weather was very hot and my grandfather did not like such weather because of his health problem with high blood pressure. He died when I was ten years old.  But I remember about him every time and everywhere I feel his love.

To conclude I want to mention that for me my grandparents play one of the important roles in my life and I am proud of them very much. I strongly believe that each of us has the same ideas as me when we think about grandparents.

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Serikzhan’s Grandfather Hides his rewards and honors

My grandfather’s name is Taskaly. He was born in 1928 in the town called Furmanov. His childhood was gloomed by the Second World War. His two brothers died during it. This period was very hard for a young boy. However, he knew that he must work in order to help his family. He started working early, actually when he was 13 years old he worked as an accountant in his town. Later in 1944 he was promoted and worked as the main bookkeeper of Furmanov. Not bad for a 16 year old boy, but he didn’t stop improving himself, due to the fact that he was the bread-winner in his family.

Therefore, in 1946 he worked in the Ministry of Finance; in 1953 he was the deputy of his region. But he managed to work and study simultaneously, so in 1953 he graduated from Semipalatinsk Finance School by distance learning. He continued his study in 1956, when he was sent to Leningrad private finance school by the Ministry of Finance. Later, unfortunately the school was closed by Khrushev. At that time all students studied in KazGu, so did my grandfather. He graduated from that university in 1961.

In 1958, he was elected as a chairman of Uralsk’s RaiPotrepsouz and worked there for 5 years. In 1962 he moved from Uralsk to Aktobe, because he had a new job. He worked as the director of Aktobe’s KRAI for a long time. This was a very difficult time, not because his salary was low, but because of the fact that he had a family consisting of 10 people: 3 daughters, 3 sons, his parents and a wife. Although he had a good position he had never tried to take bribes, to steal anything whatsoever. This helped him to gain respect and he benefited from it later.

In 1983 he became a chairman of OblPotrepsouz. It was one of the highest positions in the town that is why he became famous. He retired in 1988 and nowadays he’s enjoying his rest. He has a lot of friends and they invite him to their houses, where they talk about their reminiscences. Our government doesn’t forget his contributions. He has been given many rewards since 1988 but he always hides them from me just because he doesn’t want to look like a conceited person.

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Nariman’s family from Uralsk, Kazakhstan

My family lives in Uralsk, which is situated in the north-west part of Kazakhstan. It is the only city in Kazakhstan that is located in Europe. Thanks to it our football federation joined UEFA (the Union of European Football Association) in 2002. Almost all my relatives live in Uralsk, and few live here, in Almaty.

Unfortunately I do not know my grandparents from the mother side, because they died when my mother was a little girl, and we have only one old picture of my grandmother. It is the only thing that we have about my mother’s parents. It is sad that this picture is all that remains of them. I wish I knew more about them, but my mother has never told us anything about them.

My grandfather’s name is Fazil. He was born in 1910, in a city called Chingirlau, a small city, approximately 200 km from Uralsk. He participated in World War II, but he did not like to talk about it, so we do not know much of that period of his life. When I was a little boy, I used to visit them with my younger brother, and I very rarely talked to him, because last years of his life he had an illness, and he did not communicate much.

My grandmother’s name is Baiganim. She was born in 1913, and all her life she worked on the factory. The district they lived is called Zachagansk, about 10 km from the center of the city. Today we live in the same district, and almost all our closest relatives live there. My grandparents had 5 children. They are Nadya, Rakhim, Sveta, Khakim, Kasym. Khakim is my father.

My grandparents’ family is a typical family of that period in USSR. They had relatively many children, worked hard in order to feed children and themselves, did not have excess of money like all other millions of families all over the biggest country of the world. My father used to tell me a lot of stories from his childhood, when they live in small house with 2 rooms and 7 people in it. Even though it may seem sad story, my father’s voice always enthusiastic when he comes back to his young ages. I can see from him that they were happy. He used to tell me about fishing he spent all nights and days long, friends, soviet parties, about sisters and brothers. Also I remember the story when my grandparents received an apartment with 5 rooms after a long staying in a line. That summer day my daddy got full can of worms he used as bait. He planned to go to fish after a dinner with friends, and when he came home someone told him great news about new flat. It is funny how a young guy got disappointed because it meant that he had to miss fishing, because they had to move into new flat.

Even though I did not know much about my grandparents, even I hardly can recall their faces, I am truly grateful to them because they gave lives to my father and to my mother and all my relatives. They also sustained a great challenge of Soviet people in the World War II; together with millions of other people they liberate themselves and Europe. I respect them and wish my life was as much as useful and filled with meaning as my grandparents’ lives.

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