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Minnesota Blessing and Happy Trails

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go to Kazakhstan…seems like a familiar music refrain for me with all the travels I’ve done living 15 years outside of the U.S. ┬áMany lists and much has been done, but I am glad that I have a little time to write something before I head out leaving on a jet plane. And yes, I DO know when I’ll be back again.

The following is what I found while I was cleaning house. I believe I need to document it on this blog, otherwise it will be lost forever to piles of important things:

Minnesota Blessing

May the ruts in the road fit your pickup

May the wind always be off the lake

May the sun shine warm upon your lefse

The snow fall soft upon your roof

And until we meet again, may God save you

from unnecessary Uff-das!

(You have to be from or near Minnesota to know what “Uffda” means. Even the Norwegians don’t use that word though its origin is supposedly from Norway.)

Happy trails to me…until we meet again.

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