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Pix of Tough Tulips, Stretch Limos & Pink Balloon

Tough tulipsmore tulipsstretch limo 2stretch limoballoon in blue sky“Tough Tulips” reign supreme after the snow we had which held some blooms captive, some flowers are delayed but they should be able to bounce back and glow with the best of them.  As I was walking down Furmanova yesterday, I must have seen about five stretch limos with several cars decked out in festive ribbons following behind.  Weddings abound in this spring time air.  What a beautiful day of crisp, clear blue sky weather we enjoyed as I made my brisk walk downhill to the Green Market.

I went to my favorite Second Hand stores (just north of Green Market) after I checked to see if my Iranian friend, A.Z. was still at her shop.  She was gone I was told by the gal behind the counter.  I will have to go to my sources to confirm that A.Z. sold her optical shop and is in Vancouver, Canada taking up her new job.  I was pleased to buy two pairs of Birkenstock sandals for $40 at one S.H. store, normally they cost about $100 each in the U.S.  I also bought some very blue dress pants.  I bought a gift for Ken’s upcoming birthday, actually I bought two gifts for him yesterday and can’t wait to surprise him on Wednesday.

I had a wonderful day for many reasons but one was witnessing a pink helium balloon drifting higher into the cloudless, blue sky of Almaty! (if you maximize photo, the balloon is the pin dot in the center) I felt as free and exurberant as that pink balloon!!!

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Yes, Oopsy Tulips and Icicles!!!

iciclesmore tulipsred tulips

Ken’s colleague told us last night that his fruit trees were all lost with the frost that hit 5 degrees below zero Centigrade.  He owns a house close to the Kyrgyz consulate where his wife had valiantly tried to save some of the flowers by covering them but they didn’t survive either.  I’ll see how the tulips look today when I go out for a walk now that the sun is out with a clear blue sky.  Perhaps the icicles I saw yesterday morning will be the last I’ll see until next year.  Everyone seemed shocked by the cold wave that hit Almaty but admittedly we had been experiencing a pre-mature warm spring.  Too bad the tulips and fruit trees were the most devastated by this recent freeze, we just put on warmer clothes and added extra blankets.  Soon we shall see the roses blooming but for now the lilac blossoms seemed to survive on our campus.

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Oopsy-Daisy or Oopsy-Tulip?

snowy-daysnowy bridge

Compliments of my husband, you will see the photos showing snow is back in Almaty!!!  As I walk to work this morning I will get pictures of the wreckage wrought on the tulips I shot two days ago.  This too shall pass but a bit startling to see fluffy flakes fall after being lulled into an early spring.  I certainly hope the City of Apples (Almaty) and the rest of the country didn’t suffer too much with their apple tree blossoms.  Many working in Kazakhstan’s agriculture depend on a good crop of apples especially to be exported out.  I understand the capital, Astana, was hit far worse.

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Doing an ERIC search and Tulips

tulipsmuseum and tulipsAfter Erik\'s talk

After Erik gave his talk about research databases (he mentioned doing an ERIC search in EBSCOhost), he had a chance to speak with the audience participants about his book he and his wife authored on Kazakh folktales and he answered their questions.  That same morning I had captured some photos of the beautiful tulips in front of the national museum.  What a wondrous time of year it is while the air is fresh and clean and the early blooms are bursting forth!!!

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Our Backyard, Their Tulips, Someone’s Kids

someone\'s kidstheir tulipsour backyard

Yesterday was a mixed bag but ended with a clear, star lit sky and sliver of a moon.  The mountains were beautiful in the morning, the tulips are making their spring-welcome appearance and I caught a candid shot of two kids while sipping coffee outdoors with a friend.  We met Ken’s daughter’s boss from AZ at a Chinese restaurant, this was after I showed the first half of “Seabiscuit” to my English Club class.  Before that I had gone to the Green Market to show my friend the Second Hand stores.  The usual day at the office included going to the Computer Lab to help a class with keyword searches and working bibliographies and then later a HUGE staff meeting for our Language Center.  All in all it was a good day because I feel like my shining best was getting a Kodak moment with someone else’s kids. 8)

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