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Adventures in Fishing for Trout, the Royal Fish

Yelena and ToyotaKris and Ken at Fish farmKen in streamKen and cooked trout

Yelena’s Toyota took us to Turgen, the fish farm so we could catch some trout, the “royal fish.”  She caught half of the ten we had brought to our campfire further up in the mountains.  The scenery along the way was untouched and inspiring, no way to capture it adequately on film.  We cooked up the fish after she had marinated it in spices and mayonnaise. We kept our drinks in the stream nearby to cool off. Too cold for bare feet in that stream as Ken found out.  The place we picked for our picnic was PERFECT as the sun set prematurely behind a steep green “hill” that soared above us.  Yelena drove us on a very nice adventure which will stay in our memories forever.  A good time was certainly had by all three of us!!!

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