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Yesmurat’s Grandfather Didn’t Talk Much

My mom’s parents died when she was a little girl.  My father lost his mother when he was only five years old. Consequently, I have seen only my grandfather, who is the father of my dad. His name was Zharakhmet. He was born in Taldykurgan, in 1920. My grandpa was the calmest person I have ever seen. It was too hard to make him talk. He only answered our questions. Even when he was hungry, he did not ask if there was anything to eat.

My grandfather had been working on the railways for over 43 years. In the beginning he just repaired railways, but after some time, step by step, he became a manager of the railway station where he was living. All his employees loved him, he never berated anyone, and he liked the entire job they did. By doing so, no one told anything bad behind him.

My grandfather lived with, because my father is the youngest boy, in his family. Most of us do not like, when grandparents live with us. However, I liked it. He always supported me in any situation. I was his most loved grandson. Two months ago* he died. It was a tragedy for me, but I know he lived a very wonderful, happy and long life. I am very proud of my grandpa and I will never forget his kindness.

[*Written August 2009)

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