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Sweet Pea Power

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe days are still long and so I went out to do the watering of gardens and potted plants which I have many of…three hours later I was back inside.  What did I have to do?  Since it might rain tonight, I needed to take out water from our large rain barrel and water the vegetable gardens.  That’s when I discovered in ONE of our gardens that the deer had been eating off the top of my yellow beans!  That is a BIG mistake on their part because those are my favorite and my husband knows it.

Then I went around the perimeter of our property to talk to the deer and sometimes yell at them hiding in the woods that they don’t belong here.  I see too many hoof prints from a big mama deer and her baby deer.  Whoever came up with Bambi did NOT do us any favors because these creatures can be spiteful with eating our maple trees and other young trees.  We have a LOT of other trees they can munch on, why go for the young ones?  I wish they would eat the walnut trees, that would maybe kill them!

Oops, did I really write that?  Yes, I’m glad for deer season when hunters can actually kill these animals and harvest the meat.  People eat venison around here, we did not grow up in a family of hunters but we are surrounded by those who love to hunt and fish.

Then the other thing I did was pick asparagus and also weed around the sweet peas. That was my LAST thing to do before I turned in for the night at 10:15 p.m. that is how long our days are still though they are getting shorter.  Sweet peas have a nice fragrance and they can be quite colorful. The more you pick, the more you get.  So, I intend to give many different bouquets to people throughout the rest of the summer.  Nice to be able to bless others with my abundance.


However, the deer do NOT fall in that category, nor do the gophers.  I have my battles with them as well.  Their mounds of black soil they churn up, I put them into garden patches but it is not fun to mow around these mounds…thus the extra work that is created from them.

Yes, deer and gophers, those are our nemesis this summer along with the awful weeds.  No mosquitoes though!


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First Day of Summer: Pink, Blue and Green

pink cloudsblue flowersgreen trees

First day of summer seems strange to read on our western calendars when we have been enjoying summer for almost two months already in Almaty, Kazakhstan.  The roses are about kaput, but the petunias and marigolds flourish everywhere.  The landscapers are changing all the wild, blue flowers into rubble and then eventually sod to plant grass seed.  They are making way for the “new park” look with grass growing to a ferny, luminous green with sprinkler systems encouraging the growth.  The early sunup with puffy, pinkish clouds was something to capture from our balcony the other morning.  We rarely see clouds here like we do on the flat plains of northwestern Minnesota.  I wonder how our garden is growing back home?  This is what my Mom wrote in this morning’s e-mail to me:

“I transplanted the spirea bush this morning to the front of the house.  Dad helped me take out the shrub that was there, using the van to pull it out.  The potatoes at the farm are growing fast and will bloom soon.The beans I planted have been chewed off by some critter that likes them.  I did some spin trimming around the sidewalk and we weeded the sweet peas at the yard light and got the fence up. The corn is not germinating evenly.  I have not put the rose bush outside yet. The killdeer nest is all gone.”
Sigh, seems life goes on in BOTH places.  Soon we will be home but missing Kazakhstan.

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