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Gaukhar’s Grandfather Survived Stalingrad

I want to tell you about the story that I heard from my mother. This is a story about the person who was a commander of division in land forces, a very good carpenter and he was my grandfather. My grandfather was born in 1922 in a small village. There were two children in his family, he and his younger sister Kopey. They had very close and friendly relationship. In 1938 he studied in the technical college. Unfortunately, he didn’t finish that college because of the World War II.  For many people war is a very bad memory that they don’t want to recall. He participated in the great battle “Stalingrad“. He got a medal for courage. They often carried out reconnaissance. He had two serious wounds. His first wound was on the foot and his second wound was in the abdomen.

As my grandfather was recalling, before the battle the soldiers were very hungry and one Uzbek said that he could prepare something. He made plov and fed his comrades. Then my grandfather and Uzbek rested in the trench when suddenly a mine detonated and the Uzbek died. After the battle my grandfather suffered from the pain and his friend didn’t leave him. He would die if his friend had not helped him. Because all soldiers who stayed there were killed by other soldiers.

In 1945 he returned home and started to work as a carpenter to build houses. Also he repaired cars. He brought up eight children and educated six of them. My mother told me that she loved her father more than her mother. He was serene and never punished his children. He worked all his life. At that time he earned enough money. But all his money he sent to his children in order to educate them. He built a house where my mother and her brothers and sisters grew up.

Finally, I want to say that I couldn’t imagine how my grandfather, in spite of what he saw, was such a good father and he never complained about his life. He died in 1987.

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Yerzhan’s Grandparents and Battle Statistics

The generation of our grandparents lived during heavy times. Their families were pursued by repressions which there were a lot in our country at that time. When they were young, the Second World War began. Many of those who went to the war didn’t return home again. According to official statistics only 3% of those who went to the battle front at the beginning of war returned home.

My grandfather, my father’s father, also was participant of the war. I never saw him because he had died before my birth, but I heard a lot about him from my father. He was born in 1910 near Kostanai city. His first education was the local mosque, where he learned the letters. He graduated from financial secondary school before the war and Moscow Financial Institute by correspondence after the war. He had been called on war in 1942. For the first 6 months he was trained in artillery school, after which he was sent to the Stalingrad’s battle field in the heaviest times. Also, he participated in encirclement of Paulys army. In Ukraine, during the attack of the Soviet Army, my grandfather was wounded and after hospital he returned home. As I mentioned before, after the war he graduated from Moscow Financial Institute and worked in the regional financial department. He met my grandmother, they married and they had 8 children including my father. My grandfather died in 1975.

My grandmother, my father’s mother, was born in 1924 also near Kustanai city. My grandmother’s family was from notable kin, that’s why they were pursued by repressions. Therefore, they were compelled to wander all over Kazakhstan. As a result, during the beginning of war her family moved to South Kazakhstan. By the way, my grandfather’s family also moved to South Kazakhstan for the same reason. When the war began, my grandmother’s father had been called on war, where he died in 1941 defending Moscow. My grandmother graduated from Kazakh Pedagogical Institute and worked as a teacher of Russian language and Russian literature in Kazakh school. She died in 1993 and was buried near a tomb of my grandfather.

My mother’s father was born in 1929 in Semipalatinsk region. He didn’t participate in the war because he was a child at that time, but he lost many of his relatives at this war. He graduated from state farm secondary school in 1948 and worked as an agriculturist in different state farms and collective farms.

My mother’s mother was born in 1930 also in Semipalatinsk region. Her father has been called on war, where he died near Kursk. She graduated from Female Pedagogical Institute in Almaty in1952. After that, she returned back at home and worked there as a teacher of Kazakh language. Nowadays my mother’s parents are pensioners. They live in Oskemen city and every summer I visit them.

I started my essay talking about heavy period in which they lived when they were young. Now they are old people, some of them have died. I think that everyone should give more attention to their grandparents. They require it.

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Kazakh Grandparents are Greatly Admired


My grandparents died when I was 4 years old girl. But my father told me the history of our family. My grandparents  were born in  Kostanay oblast of our country. They had three daughters and one son.

During 1930 there was a famine on the territory of Kazakhstan. My grandfather had organized the migration of his family from Kazakhstan to Russia, where the neighboring cities had sufficient amount of food, even in excess. It was a genocide against Kazakhs, because at this period of time the Kazakhs were a majority on their own territory. Later after this famine and other actions of the Government the Kazakhs became a minority.  After several years my grandfather with his family had returned to Kazakhstan in Akmola oblast. My father was born there.

During  World War  II my grandfather participated in operations against Military Germany on the territory of Russia. He was a machine gunner.  He had an injury during one battle, near  Stalingrad. After this, he spent several months in hospital, and then he was demobilized and returned to home. He had received Government Awards for actions during  World War II.  But his younger brother was missing in 1943. My relatives had received a letter of notification.

After war my grandfather continued his work in forestry. He was a director of a forest reserve in Kurgaldjino. My father continued the traditions and he worked in forestry. In 1960 our family moved to Almaty city, former capital of the Kazakh Republic. After retirement he continued his work in the forest reserve near  Almaty. During his life he fully provided for his family. After his death my father was provided  a house in the city, the house outside the city and car. My grandfather was an example of an excellent manager at home and at his work.

My grandmother was older than my grandfather, she didn’t work but supported my grandfather by doing all work at home. She had a big vegetable garden near the house, where she cultivated all vegetables necessary for the family. There was a small farm, near the house. There were cows, sheep and horses.  She cooked homemade sour cream and butter, bread.

My grandparents from my mother’s side were from Akmola oblast. My grandfather also participated in  World War II. He had Government Awards for  the battles in  Stalingrad city, and in Berlin. He was on operations of war from 1941 till 1946. He reached Berlin. We don’t have a family, where relatives didn’t participate in II World War. My grandmother from my mother’s side was a seamstress. She sewed different clothes, she embroidered different patterns. She had a small vegetable garden near the house, where she cultivated some vegetables.

I admire my grandparents. They lived in very difficult periods in the history of our country, but nevertheless they achieved successes and excellent results.   


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Aikerim’s Grandfather, Kazakh Teacher-Poet

Nowadays I am a little jealous how our grandparents were happy to live those days, in the beginning of the twentieth century; spacious valleys, green meadows, fresh air, in a word in the middle of untouched nature which was not long ago. As I still remember what my father used to say; when he was a child that all territory near Syrdaria River was fully covered with a thick grass. Now there is no evidence that those places sometimes used to be green. That’s a pity….

First, I will write about my grandparents from my mother’s side, they were teachers. My grandfather’s name was Askar Kozhakhmetov. He was born in Kryzylorda, in a village called “Zhanatalap”. He was a poet; he wrote many poems related to War, to socialism, to school and to teaching. When he was seven, his family moved to Uzbekistan in order to stay alive in the period of acute shortage of food which took place in Kazakhstan in 1930’s. In spite of that, he lost his parents and grew up in an orphanage. From 1933-to 1936 he studied in a labor faculty of Bukhara city, from 1937 to 1939 two years he took teaching courses. So up until World War II he worked in his native village as a teacher. On September of 1942 he was provoked to go to the War. There on a train he wrote his poem “Good Bye, territory of Kazakhstan” where we can feel his nostalgia to his home country.

According to his letters which he used to write during war, Askar’s grandpa took part in the battle near Stalingrad and Tambov cities. In 1946 after he was seriously wounded on his leg, he returned home and continued teaching first in “Zhanatalap” school, then in “Makpalkol” school (1957-69). He was a teacher of mathematics.  Below you can see a fragment from Tynyshbek Airabai about my grandfather:

Aseke his first poems wrote from 1938-39. Abovementioned poem he wrote on 26 th of September while he was passing Karmakshy village on the way to the war. In 1946 he wrote poems “Two cradles”, “On Zhambyl’s party”, “On the day of Red Army” (1957), and finally “A letter”.  He used to write a lot of letters during the war, for instance, his longest poem to my grandmother – “A letter replacement with Khatsha (the name of grandma).

Those days his poems were mostly published in the newspaper called ‘Red Flag’, “Rice men”, “The way of Lenin”. Later his book was published in the “Collections of Poems in Kyzylorda”

Unfortunately, I didn’t see him; he died when he was sixty. I heard from my aunt that he was a very magnanimous and generous person.  My grandmother died when I was three years old. But still I remember how she loved me, how she pampered me…

Finally, from my father’s side my grandfather also died very early, when my father was 16 years old. His name was Zhaksylyk, which means “goodness” in English. He was a well-known shepherd. I know my grandmother very well, as she died only three years ago. She was a unique person; strict, at the same time kind and fair. She was a person of order. Her name was “Ulzhalgas”. Both of my grandmothers were housewives. As each of them had a big family with six children which needed big care and attention.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I am proud that I have such grandparents, and I will always remember where my roots start.

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“I Wish I Could Remember” about Ruslan’s Grandpa

My story is about my grandfather. His name is Syzdykov Torsan. I do not quite remember him, because he died when I was only four years old. But the stories my father told me about him gave me the picture of how great he was. He lived in a very hard time. He survived the war and Soviet times. Nowadays our life has become much more easier. I wish he could see the result of what they were fighting for.

He was born in a large family of 9 people. They lived in an aul (village) near today’s Kostanai. They didn’t have much; they made their living by cattle-breeding. Unfortunately, I do not know the details of their living. When the war began he was called up for war. He served in an armored division. He participated in the battle under the Moscow and in the battle for Stalingrad. During one of the battles he lost his leg. A grenade was thrown towards the tank where he and his comrades were. He helped them to get out and when he himself was getting out of the tank it blew up. When the war was over he returned home, everyone was happy then. In 1955 he met my grandmother and they got married. Five years later my father was born. He is the youngest son. With a new family my grandfather moved to Lyublinka, where they stayed until 1997.

I was born in 1989. My father always tells me that my grandpa loved me most of all his grandchildren. His sons always told him that he gives all of his attention to me, but he answered that he loved all of his grandchildren equally. Every morning I brought his prostheses of his leg to him. There was an occasion once. All of our family went for a celebration to a village that was 15 kilometers from ours. Me and my brother were left at home. At the celebration my grandpa was told that I was at home and he himself with a prosthesis of his leg took a car, it was Zhiguli 5, and drove 15 kilometers in winter to take me with himself to the celebration. So everywhere he went he took me with him. He played cards with me. My dad said that it was so cute seeing me playing with my grandpa.

When he died, nobody told me that he was gone and 3 months later when it was my grandmother’s birthday an old man came as a guest. He looked like my grandpa and I ran to him, embraced him and asked him crying where he was for so long. I confused him with my grandpa. All of my uncles and aunts saw it and it touched their heart so much that they couldn’t stand and cried. The old man was crying too. That’s the only thing that I remember about him. I wish I could remember more. I wish he was right here with me, but it’s impossible…


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