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Aftermath of full blown blizzard

Wow, what a difference it makes to have the sun out again after being cooped up in the house for a whole day because of a blizzard.  The photos below are showing what it looked like in the morning, it didn’t change until the winds died down and the sun came out the next day, today.


See how the surroundings looked the next day, what a difference the sun makes.


Of course, a little Jack Frost thrown in for good measure on our eastern window doesn’t hurt.  After last week and 30-40 mph winds from the south blew in snirt and snow, the past few days was a fresh layer of snow blown in from the north at 30 mph.  We have promise of about three more months of this weather.  May as well enjoy the scenes while inside a warm house.


I understand from my friends in Kazakhstan that they have been having some low temps and fierce winds. I remember those days of having 60 mph winds push you past the crosswalk where you thought you were planted solidly until the traffic light signaled for you to cross safely as a pedestrian.  Nothing like that here where I live.

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