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Charity Bazaar Choir and More of “Where’s Walda?”

I have more photos of people, parties and gatherings I have attended in this last week, a busy one for sure!  Next week will be even busier but for now I want to show photos of our annual charity bazaar last Sunday.  That was a highlight for many of us because we didn’t know how we would do in sales, it all came together in the very end.  I had gotten about ten or twelve boxes of books from some American friends of ours who are leaving Kazakhstan for good. They are moving on to warmer climes. (that could be about anywhere compared to Astana (;-) Their welcome donation of books was a good jumpstart for what we did at the bazaar.

What fun to hear the Christmas music done by the choir. They sang in Latin, Kazakh, French, Ukrainian and other languagess. So many nationalities were represented at this bazaar. What was funny was to see a sign in Russian at the table for Netherlands. For just 100 tenge you could get a photo shot for simply standing next to a Dutch girl in costume.  I wonder how many takers bought in to that sweet deal?  Wilma? And, where’s Walda?

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“Bearing” the Weight of the World – Buddy Bears

I bet you thought you had seen the last of the Buddy Bears, well you were wrong!  Some of the designs from the different countries are so amazingly artistic that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show off more of the United Buddy Bears.  I’ve been more disciplined at writing down the names for each country that goes with each bear.  I wish I had done that when I first started showing photos of these bears that are bearing the weight of the world in Astana, Kazakhstan.  Actually, no, it seems that they are putting their arms up in praise, a very non-threatening stance to take in this world that is getting off balance with wars and rumors of wars.

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Many Nations Represented in Kazakhstan

British, German, Aussie friendsYesterday I put up photos of buildings in Almaty, today I will show some countries that are represented in Kazakhstan of the 120 nations known to reside here. Some are European and friends of mine with the oil industry or with banking, other photos are just of the costumes representing Korea or Ukraine. I LOVE the color, mixture and diversity of living in Almaty!!! You just don’t get this kind of texture in northwestern Minnesota, that’s for sure!Indian childrenFrench friendKorean costumesUkrainiansSouth Africa bossAmericans

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