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MA Students’ Response to Nestle Values: Quality, Respect, Culture

Last night I gave a short answer mid-term exam to 20 of my masters students.  In the past several weeks I have had four very qualified speakers come from their different organizations to represent what they do in Kazakhstan.  The objective of this class is for my Kazakh students to listen, ask questions and take notes.  The resulting responses were in answer to the following question:  Of the three important Nestle values, which is the most important in Kazakhstan?

 1) Quality (provide an excellent product);

R.S. – Quality is most important for Kazakhstan because there is not much quality products and Nestle is one of the best who provides good nutrition for our people.

A.A. – Quality, because nowadays you can’t find a good product.  The prices of products don’t depend on its quality

 A.D. – Quality is the most important because KZ is going to be a member of WTO, and it is necessary to be competitive in foreign and local market.

 L.S. – I believe that for KZ the most important is Quality because some products arrive to KZ when only month or two is left till expiry date.

 K.L. – Quality is important because of our low quality of stuffs.  Specialists are necessary if we want to develop our country and bring benefits to people.

 A. B. I think in Kazakhstan and in any other country, quality of the product is the most important because Nestle product is mostly produced for children.

 S.Z.– I suppose quality is most important because our country is multicultural and it overcomes the non-discrimination policy but quality is under constant attack of cheaters and long distances can easily spoil Nestle’s products quality.

  2)Respect (no discrimination)

A.V. Respect, Kazakhstan is multinational country.  It is very important that people respect each other (nationality, religion etc.)

 A.T.– Respect other nationality because we live in country where a lot of people from different countries. Second, quality in everywhere to get success.

 D.D. – Respect, do not bribe to make Kazakhstan’s government less corrupted, to teach them how to do things without bribing.

 3)Culture (Nestle gives or takes no bribes)

S.K. – Culture because of Kazakh nation’s mentality

 A.Y. – I think that not giving bribes is the most important for KZ, because customers we will understand that this product is high quality.

 A.T. – Culture, no bribes

 A.I.– Culture is the most important in KZ most of our national companies are money/benefit oriented.

 A.B. – non-corruption, this is most important because it helps to normalize the business ethics inside of Kazakhstan.

 A.A. – Bribes (corruption) as everybody knows, bribes in KZ is well developed, if we eliminate bribes then Quality and equality will be higher

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