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Entering the home stretch at 2014’s beginning

Anyone who has ever written a book before knows that there are enemies that lurk about, such as the perilous deadlines and death-defying word limits.  The first is not as bad as the second.  I DO see the light at the end of the dark tunnel that has had me feeling caged up for about five months now. I want to be free by knowing that the editor likes what she sees of my text.  My due date is tomorrow of 30,000 words, I am over by about 900 words but my husband is helping me to take out the unnecessary words that are repetitive.

How I need a second pair of eyes to see what I don’t see. When I have been this close to the material for this long, it is not easy for me to see the redundancy or the overly obvious. Yet, there are other instances where I leave things out which means a gap for the reader to try to jump over to the other side of understanding.

I’m not sure why writing has to be this difficult but it is.  I am thankful for this blog that I started back in 2007 that has helped me appreciate my reading audience. I am writing about my hometown and have photos to help tell the story. It is a niche market that I am selling to. The launch date is end of June of this year, six months from now.  I found that sometimes the story is there without the photos and that is when I have to be creative. Sometimes I may have the photo but not enough information so it has been a painful but also glorious five months of gathering info or photos or in a few cases, both.  In the meantime, I have met some very cool relatives of the “Legendary Locals” who are very proud to know their relatives will be included in this 125 page book. They are a cross section or representatives of my hometown in Minnesota going back 100 years ago up to the present.

So, let’s see if my Arcadia editor tomorrow will approve my submission of 186 photos along with 30,000 words for text.  I will be happy when I get to the point of seeing the proofs in May and giving the okay on that before it goes into print by Arcadia.  I look forward to the book signing day end of June 2014 and when I’ll personalize it for those people who see their relative in this Arcadia publication. Those others who just like history of my hometown will want to buy this book as well.  I am feeling very blessed at this point already, Soli Deo Gloria!

Happy New Year, I look forward to what He has in store for me and my husband!

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