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Skating in Astana

Seven years ago I was crazy enough to go skating on the small river that weaves through Astana. It was very frozen…no worries there of falling through.  Probably it had been frozen sinc November and would not melt until the following April or May.  Anyway, it was fun to skate with a woman from Holland and with a former Kazakh student of mine.  I’m not sure where I got the ice skates, probably from another ex-pat who had left them behind.

Skating in Astana

There had been some winter activity in Astana where Bota, as a volunteer, had an actual uniform and name tag for one of the ice arenas.  She skated fairly well, my friend from the Netherlands was a good skater and the ice was smooth enough to go backwards or forwards.  I have not skated since seven years ago when this picture was taken.

I understand that Astana has recently had some incredibly cold temps and high winds, I hear from people who I know who live and teach at Nazarbayev University.  One American and another British guy are teachers at NU.  Also, not only have I heard about the cold weather in Astana but the very, very strong winds. I saw photos of how people were standing on the sidewalk and just pushed along by the wind or how dangerous it was for even cars to drive.

As for me, I’m in cold Minnesota and we just have to worry about negative temps and some strong winds with blowing snows but nothing as horrific as what Astana experiences. Here’s a photo of our country that is very flat looking outside our second story window.


Another photo shows our winter when it is beautiful and pure white, when all is still.


when all is still


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“Global Cooling” has HIT Montana–Photos Prove IT!

Thanks Janis, for the GREAT photos!

Global warming has NOT hit Montana, conversely global cooling has dumped boatloads of snow on my friend Janis (photos help prove my point).  Janis and I go as far back as six years in the same elementary school, then six more years of high school and finally four years of undergrad where we both graduated in our respective disciplines.  She went her direction in med tech and got married to settle down in Billings, MT raising two boys. I went my various directions around the world.  Yesterday I watched the news about Idaho and Montana getting hit with a winter-like blizzard. The following is in my friend’s own words:


Minnesotans can handle snow, right? Gary‘s had a rough week. The trees still had their leaves. Many hadn’t even turned color yet. So the real problem wasn’t the snow on the roads, it was the snow on the trees. It was breaking off huge limbs and even breaking full trees. Power lines went down all over. It’s Gary‘s job to supervise getting them back up. It’s been like beet harvest here. Gary would work twelve hours, come home and sleep, eat, get ready for the next 12 hour shift. I just holed up in the house over the week-end and enjoyed the break from my rat race. We’ve been trimming our trees the past few summers, so we didn’t have too much damage. Just a couple that bent over our lane. I didn’t need to go anywhere, so I just stayed put.


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Oopsy-Daisy or Oopsy-Tulip?

snowy-daysnowy bridge

Compliments of my husband, you will see the photos showing snow is back in Almaty!!!  As I walk to work this morning I will get pictures of the wreckage wrought on the tulips I shot two days ago.  This too shall pass but a bit startling to see fluffy flakes fall after being lulled into an early spring.  I certainly hope the City of Apples (Almaty) and the rest of the country didn’t suffer too much with their apple tree blossoms.  Many working in Kazakhstan’s agriculture depend on a good crop of apples especially to be exported out.  I understand the capital, Astana, was hit far worse.

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