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Now Irma is taking over in Florida

Yes, I have a sister who is living in Florida so now my attention has been changed from Houston to the whole state of Florida.  My friend and her husband in Houston have moved back into their home. Today, they actually mowed the lawn and it looks wonderful on the outside. They had been nine days away, living with a friend who was on dry land.  They are thankful things are getting back to “normal” but she said that everything else in their neighborhood looks like a war zone. See photo below that shows the mess.

Houston war zone

Meanwhile, people in Florida are bracing for the BIG hurricane that will hit in about three days.  The forecasters don’t know which way it will turn, whether it goes straight up north the eastern coastline or covers over Florida to the west…that is where my sister lives, midway inside the Gulf near Fort Myers.

This past weekend, my brother was up to help with my Dad’s shop more.  Also, my husband and I moved around furniture in 3 out of 8 possible rooms in our house.  The two bedrooms now have twin beds, one is called the Sheyenne room and the other is the Balaton room.  The first is because the headboard and footboard came from my maternal grandparents place in Sheyenne.  The second one was from my paternal grandparents in Balaton, MN.  I don’t have photos of the big changes, but I have one of the HUGE mirror that we took out to create more space in our entry way. The next photo is one of the 7×8 foot Squirt signs that I helped clean up.





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