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Super Bowl Kick off about to Happen

So, the Super Bowl has a LOT of spectators now, either in the stands or at home watching TV or some other big screen.  Not me, my husband and I were going to visit the football players where they were required to go to the one big room with about eight screens but we didn’t know they had study hall first from 2;00 to 4:00 p.m.  So, in about five minutes the kick off will happen without us.  I guess some people watch the Super Bowl just for the expensive ads that are entertaining.  Others will watch the halftime with Katy Perry or whoever she is. I’m really out of my own culture, I might as well be living in Kazakhstan. I don’t care WHO wins, the Green Bay Packers or the MN Vikings are not there so why bother, right? Yes, I DO know who is playing today and I really, really don’t care!!!

Well, here is an ad for something entirely different but has everything to do with the Super Bowl.  It relates to my blog from yesterday. The human traffickers are busy with their wares and the girls (and boys) that are brought to this multi-million dollar event are the victims.

Watch this video and think twice about who REALLY is making the money.  It’s another Youtube video by “Shared Hope” about YOUNG girls in a “Doll Box” at the Super Bowl.

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