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Saw first robin yesterday – spring is officially here!


western horizon with wet fields from melt

I was doing the usual yard work that one does when the snow is gone and the temps are in the 60s.  Yesterday evening in the shelter belt of trees where we have wild raspberries growing, I was raking out the extra dead branches and other old leaves.  I could hear birds chirping and that was a welcome sound.  Then as I was bringing bigger limbs of trees that I had cut last fall to the burn pile, I saw a skinny robin.  That IS a welcome sight because that can mean only one thing, spring is officially here!  There have been vast V-formations of geese flying north so that is another sign of spring.

We did the “Seven Last Words” by Theodore Dubois on Sunday and there were about 35 of us singers with the four soloists, an organist and pianist.  That too is another sign of spring and I am NOW ready for Easter after having practiced those words set to music.  I captured some recent sunsets and during the spring when the air is clear is a good time to do that.  So, without much else to write about…I am attaching some photos.


shelter belt trees close to the wild raspberries

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