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Photos of Arizona Trip

First, it was encouraging to see all the work Luke and Sabrina put into their newly built BIG house in Prescott.  I’m all for closure when it comes to big projects like a house.  That was a very quick Sunday trip up and back from Phoenix.  Then we visited the next morning with my two aunts in Mesa along with seeing my cousin Mike and Maradel for breakfast.  Thanks Aunt Eleanor!!! 


Later we drove south of Phoenix to visit with Laura and Steve at Casa Grande (the BIG house) National Park.  Laura gifted Ken with a senior lifetime pass for the National Parks, he has reached that golden age of 62.  We lingered over many lemonades and Mexican food in Coolidge (close to Casa Grande) and looked and laughed at the great photos Laura took with her fancy camera.  Also, we watched on my laptop some of Laura’s course projects she had accomplished for her graduate studies.  We hope to be able to celebrate her graduation with an M.A. degree in landscape architecture next spring, the Lord willing.


Finally, we stopped in on some friends of ours from over 15 years ago on our way back through Chandler. Todd and Sally are responsible for being OUR matchmakers while we lived and worked in Kazakhstan the summer of 1993.  We have come full circle with being successful matchmakers ourselves after participating in the Houston wedding of two friends of ours who met in Ukraine eight years ago.


So, as they say, a good time was had by us even though some of our visits were on very short notice.  Thanks to all who made our dropping in a fun time after our arduous time of slogging away at our teaching assignments in a foreign land such as Kazakhstan.  It really is WONDERFUL to be home on U.S. soil again!!!

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Witnessed Friends’ Wedding Yesterday

Sorry for dropping off the map with my blog entries the last several days. Our friends Jeannie and Ken got married yesterday in Texas and fortunately Ken and I flew to Houston to witness this fact. Their relationship has been eight years in the making.  We feel responsible for introducing these two people who are about our same ages.  Now we feel even MORE responsible that their marriage be a healthy one with fruitful ministry.  My husband Ken was the best man and I helped lead the congregation in singing some hymns. Jeannie’s younger sister was the matron of honor. There were about 50 people who were invited, mostly family and friends.  We were Ken’s friends and basically the only people he knew besides Jeannie’s immediate family, the rest were Jeannie’s colleagues, friends and other relatives.

Needless to say, we’ve been a bit busy travelling and I would call that WORK!  Going through security checks and x-ray machines after packing judiciously, boarding planes and disembarking, getting rental cars and dropping them off on time to board yet another plane.  We nearly missed our connection last night to Phoenix from Houston but now we are visiting friends and family in Arizona and enjoying it though the weather is hot like in Kazakhstan.  Supposedly this is monsoon season so we have had some rain. 

Which reminds me, I need to get back to tending my gardens in NW MN, they have become overgrown with much weeds.  Thistles can stand erect at nearly a yard tall.  Quack grass is the bane of my gardening existence.  The day before we left for TX, I was out frenetically pulling weeds for nearly 6-7 hours. 

Despite weeds in my garden, life is good!  Our friends are married off, we wish them all of God’s best!!!

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