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Yerzhan’s Grandparents and Battle Statistics

The generation of our grandparents lived during heavy times. Their families were pursued by repressions which there were a lot in our country at that time. When they were young, the Second World War began. Many of those who went to the war didn’t return home again. According to official statistics only 3% of those who went to the battle front at the beginning of war returned home.

My grandfather, my father’s father, also was participant of the war. I never saw him because he had died before my birth, but I heard a lot about him from my father. He was born in 1910 near Kostanai city. His first education was the local mosque, where he learned the letters. He graduated from financial secondary school before the war and Moscow Financial Institute by correspondence after the war. He had been called on war in 1942. For the first 6 months he was trained in artillery school, after which he was sent to the Stalingrad’s battle field in the heaviest times. Also, he participated in encirclement of Paulys army. In Ukraine, during the attack of the Soviet Army, my grandfather was wounded and after hospital he returned home. As I mentioned before, after the war he graduated from Moscow Financial Institute and worked in the regional financial department. He met my grandmother, they married and they had 8 children including my father. My grandfather died in 1975.

My grandmother, my father’s mother, was born in 1924 also near Kustanai city. My grandmother’s family was from notable kin, that’s why they were pursued by repressions. Therefore, they were compelled to wander all over Kazakhstan. As a result, during the beginning of war her family moved to South Kazakhstan. By the way, my grandfather’s family also moved to South Kazakhstan for the same reason. When the war began, my grandmother’s father had been called on war, where he died in 1941 defending Moscow. My grandmother graduated from Kazakh Pedagogical Institute and worked as a teacher of Russian language and Russian literature in Kazakh school. She died in 1993 and was buried near a tomb of my grandfather.

My mother’s father was born in 1929 in Semipalatinsk region. He didn’t participate in the war because he was a child at that time, but he lost many of his relatives at this war. He graduated from state farm secondary school in 1948 and worked as an agriculturist in different state farms and collective farms.

My mother’s mother was born in 1930 also in Semipalatinsk region. Her father has been called on war, where he died near Kursk. She graduated from Female Pedagogical Institute in Almaty in1952. After that, she returned back at home and worked there as a teacher of Kazakh language. Nowadays my mother’s parents are pensioners. They live in Oskemen city and every summer I visit them.

I started my essay talking about heavy period in which they lived when they were young. Now they are old people, some of them have died. I think that everyone should give more attention to their grandparents. They require it.

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