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Watching the lead up to elections in Ukraine

Of course, there is nothing more hot than an election, especially in Ukraine. I lived in Ukraine during several other elections and there seemed to be nothing abnormal or extraordinary about them at the time. This year of 2014 is an exception. Why? Because it was finally the will of the people that said enough of the corruption and wanted the past president out. Seemed he was draining the money meant for the people and building up his own little palace north of Kyiv. Outrageous prices for things to make his place look luxurious and beautiful while his neighbors suffered in poverty. He did it in a very short amount of time so it seems that it was planned from the get-go to impoverish the nation of Ukraine so that they could easily fall victim to their northern neighbor.

However, things changed from six months ago when the people gathered on Krestshatik street in downtown Kyiv. Places so familiar to me I kept seeing from my former students and friends currently living in Ukraine. I missed the Orange Revolution and now I was missing all the action with this latest revolution against the president. Over one hundred people died because of snipers but it only enraged the Ukrainians to keep going to the streets. They were willing to risk their lives in order to have freedom from tyranny.

Now, the temporary president is asking all Ukrainians to pray for a healthy solution, one where they can keep their borders instead of caving to the pressure from the north. I don’t know about Crimea, that is a very strategic place and has gone through many battles. Why does Ukraine have to go through all this suffering? They already went through so much during WWII when the Nazis and the Soviets rampaged through their lands. That created the Partisans who fought both and they were mostly in the Chernobyl area, northern part of Ukraine. Then the Chernobyl disaster happened in 1986 (?) and the rest is history.

Lies can only go so far and then they have to meet up with the unvarnished truth. The people in Russia have had a LOT of propaganda fed them, they believe in their leader. They believe the lies. I pray for them as well as I watch the lead up to this very crucial election. We will know more after May 25th, this Sunday.

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Saule Z’s Grandfather was a Soviet Spy

I always admire my Grandfather and the older I become, the more I realize that I am very lucky that I had such a grandfather. His name was Aman Baimuratov. And he had a difficult but bright life. He was born in 1920 in Kzyl-Orda in the family of peasants and from 13 years old, my grandfather started working in the collective farm (at that period in 1930’s there were a collectivization of all villages). He was very smart and after graduation of the Institute of Agriculture, he continued his work as an accountant and later he became a chairman in one of the collective farms where he was working.


Under the leadership of my grandfather, the collective farm was in prosperity and every family living there was sure in their safety because grandfather was a very kind and Solomonic person. In childhood I was spending holidays with my grandparents and I was taught about how to be an honest and high-minded person through their life example and most importantly about love and respect for others. Furthermore, my grandfather participated in World War II. And I realize that thanks to our grandparents we are able to live nowadays. In memory of my Great Grandfather I would like to tell about one war story that happened to him that gave a chance to me to be born.

 This story happened in 1943. My grandpa was a spy in Soviet Army. To be in intelligence army was a very honorary and the word “intelligence” itself sounds prideful. Many of military missions were successful but after one of them my grandpa was captured by the enemy in Ukrainian forests. This was a terrible feeling to know that soon you will be shot. Two long days my grandpa and three of his fellow soldiers were in capture preparing to death. During the imprisonment the spies noted how fascists were afraid of forests because of Partisans. And their fear was so great that they were blazing away every tree and every bush in the forest.  This was very funny in this story and it played a very important role in the rescue of the spies’ lives.

On the morning of the third day of capture, my grandpa and his fellow prisoners were taken out to the yard in order to be shot. By a lucky chance at that moment the Soviet planes appeared in the sky. Occurrence of the Soviet planes had caused a panic at the enemy camp. Prisoners took advantage of the turmoil and ran toward the forest. And this was the unique chance to survive, because the enemy was not watching them. After successful escape the spies came back to the Soviet army and continued the defense of their country. My grandfather reached Berlin and the Victory found him there at the walls of Reichstag. 

In conclusion, we had won fascism by incalculable victims, and it was believed that the winners will reward according to the deserts for their soldier’s feat. Thanks to our grandparents we are able to live in free and independent country today. And we will never forget the Great Feats of our Grandparents!



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