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Teamwork makes progress, AFTER the committee meeting

We had our committee meeting last night with 8 of us in attendance at the Carnegie and then we got a LOT more done in the basement afterwards. Teamwork makes a difference. First we discussed security of the building. There’s been a broken window on east side which was fixed with a temporary board to cover the hole). The president of our organization will talk to the groundskeeper about the need for a security camera. We also need to hire someone to do the lawn mowing on the Carnegie property. Maintaining this 100+ year old building takes much consideration. If the electrical info does not come in time for the upcoming July $10,000 grant application, then there is enough info to write about getting the tin roof in north wing fixed.

We realized after the last choruses concert that we also need FOUR more shades in south wing and on the west side of the north wing. A temporary, cheaper fix like the three we already have should work.  Some shades can cost $300 each (we have ten BIG windows so that is $3,000 just for shades). That might be written into the bigger $100,000 grant for the windows. Another different size shade is needed for the kitchenette window on the east because that brings in a lot of hot air.

In anticipation of our city’s annual event, we will have a Bright Brushes fundraiser – I already paid deposit for two sessions ($175) we need 20 people to sign up for each session. We would get $20 for each person so that is $800 right there if we have all signed up. We discussed where the painting sessions would be located, upstairs in east wing or downstairs?

During our Ox Cart days we plan to have a Antonin Boubin art display on Saturday. We will ask people to bring their own Boubin art like they did last year for Stanley H. Walker’s art exhibition. I will also contact other local artists or photographers for the other two days. Hopefully we will have a good turnout to see the art displays. Simultaneous to this our Ox Cart Days Theme will be Pembina trails and Ox carts. We will use material and artifacts from the museum to show on the main floor. The museum’s president mentioned about using the Amfran oxcart for display out on the front lawn of the Carnegie.

We will have a Gift and Donation shop downstairs with all the other product we have for sale under glass, 1882 city’s etching, framed pictures from old books, etc. Someone mentioned that we should have a card that reads “Donated in memory of___person’s name___)” Also need to update the Carnegie brochure that we used last year.  Should have HUGE price tags hanging from different places throughout the Carnegie to show how much an estimate to restore would cost. (i.e. original dome lights or fixing tin roof ceiling)

We talked about how we cannot afford to pay musicians, they must be free-will. Instead of featuring talent, we would have different graduating classes compete about who can donate the most to the Carnegie cause. Also, have a kind of social hour for them to gather with light snacks.  For instance, Thursday night for those who graduated in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, then Friday night 1970s and 1980s. We would have all yearbooks on display for alumni to look at for the Mount and Central high schools. Then during Saturday would be all classes represented and announce which class donated the most and/or have the most number of donors.  The class(es) would be recognized on a kind of plaque perhaps.  We could have the donating contest on line. Those who come in person to donate, we would have the zip machine ready and handy to receive on-line donations.  Amy said that the historical society’s website could be set up to take in donations specifically for the Carnegie.

Once we know all the details, I will get a Poster done showing all these events to advertise our Carnegie events by mid-July – Bright Brushes fundraiser events on Wed. afternoon and evening. Show the different times and dates on Thurs. and Friday for the different graduating classes to come for their own reunions.

After the good meeting that lasted an hour, our teamwork went to the basement and the small middle room was completely emptied of file cases. It is ready for our expert construction guy to do his work of plastering, readying it for painting, then sanding down the softwood floor. We are making progress because of volunteer teamwork.


fixing the broken window


fireproof file cabinet


room is now ready for painting


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