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Galimzhan’s Grandfather Became a Professor of Economics from Humble Beginnings

My grandfather Mirkhaidar was born in Omsk City of Russia, October 28, 1922.  He was a great man, good soldier and best grandfather.  At my age, he fought for freedom against Nazi Germay in World War II.  When I was a child he used to tell me the sotires about war, some of them were funny but most were scary and sad.  That war injured him from both physical and moral sides.  He attended the war from the first to the last day and earned a lot of honor medals.

After the war, he studied in Moscow University and had two high education degrees.  His student life was very hard because of lack of money and unemployment of his parents. Later after university, he became a teacher in the college, he was teaching planned economy lessons.  While his first year of working as a teacher, he met my grandmother and married her.  He became a professor of economy.

As a normal Soviet family, my grandparents had two sons and were living in Shymkent, the southeast city of Kazakhstan.  A junior son is my father.  Grandfather never stopped teaching until he retired, even after retirement he was working at home, preparing some economical projects and consulting a newspaper.

However, he left all his work when I was born.  I can say that my grandfather brought me up.  All of his time he spent on my education and looking after me.  He left us when I was already an adult. I can say that he was my real father because of Kazakh tradition, the first son is raised by the grandparents.  Even now, my relationship with my father is like he is my older brother.

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