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“Life is Short, Art is Long” in Kazakhstan

For some reason I’m on an art theme lately. Maybe because I do not feel at liberty to express myself about what is REALLY going on in the outside world, in my corner of the world in Astana, Kazakhstan. However, right now I am thinking about my American and Kyrgyz friends down in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, life is short. I DO like Nelly Bube’s artwork which shows some of the more traditional scenes from Kazakhstan ages past. Art is long...

I got these latest pictures of Nelly Bube’s work off of Google images.  Like many people I know in Kazakhstan, I would love to have an original by Nelly in my home but for now this is good to see her artwork on my computer screen. (I know an American couple who have at least 8 of her originals in their home)  I grieve with these same friends in Almaty who lost a friend Ruslan after his three month battle with a tumor on his brain.  Ruslan had a servant heart and was a young man with much potential. Life is really short.

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Abstract art and Kazakhstan

I like rustic, realist kind of art that I’ve shown this past week with Philip R. Goodwin’s prints.  I also like abstract art and I just met an artist when I was in the Boston area last week who sells her meter by a meter artwork for about $4,000 a piece.  She has a LOT of inventory and if I could afford her work, I would buy from Kathleen Cammarata.  She likes doing earth tones and I like anything green.  This one reminds me of a satellite photo of the earth. I did capture this one painting in Kathleen’s studio with the okay from her husband Frank R. Thoms.  It was wonderful to see her vivid colors in abstract form.

Why do I like abstract art?  I did acrylics while I was in college and soon after I graduated, much in primary and secondary colors but I also loved to do oil paintings.  I LOVE the smell of oil maybe because it hearkens back to fond memories my grandpa on my Dad’s side.  In his waning years, he took up a paint brush after being a lumberman, carpenter and a farmer. When I was in grade school I would brag about how he was a famous artist, little knowing that he was just an amateur.  But back 100 years ago, you had to be a jack-of-all-trades by necessity.  My dear grandpa was all of that and a master of all!!!  That was the only way to survive in the hinterlands of northwestern Minnesota and in Canada where my grandpa spent much of his time.  He loved to fish and hunt too.

Why do I like both abstract and realist art?  Because I know that both styles take a lot of talent and much sweat equity.  When the economy tanks, the artists and musicians feel it.  So, I’m hoping that Kathleen can sell her huge inventory and I hope others like Kazakhstan’s artist Nelly Bube can have enduring art and still be rewarded monetarily.  I’ve written about the Kazakhstani artist Nelly Bube before, I’d like to get more of her paintings on this blog.  What was interesting to me was that a distant relative of mine in Telemark, Norway, Sigmund Groven who is a famous harmonica player sent me a Christmas card and it was a Nelly Bube painting.  Maybe since he has had an interest in Kazakhstan, he knew to send it to me.  In any case, I appreciate those in the artistic and music fields, they know how to express themselves.

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Artist Nelly Bube Paintings (Part II)

Good Samaritanheaven and hellwoman with peacockcamel

How I would LOVE to meet this artist named Nelly Bube who is German-Russian and was married to a Kazakh artist.  She went through a dark period in her life and once she became a Christian, all her paintings started to take on bright, hopeful colors.  She is well known in Kazakhstan for her artwork which has been used up in the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana even though she is not Kazakh herself.  She is a Kazakhstani by birth.

Instead of reading War and Peace, I’m reading President Nazarbayev’s latest book just out titled The Kazakhstan Way.  He has much to write about Kazakhstan’s economics and very little to say about its religion.  In future blog postings, I will be writing quotes from this book which promotes Margaret Thatcher’s words in a foreword published in London by Stacey International.

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Artist Nelly Bube Paints Kazakh Themes

family on cameldastarkhan

four women

 Yesterday we had a ladies tea where about 18 women showed up to a place that has eight Nelly Bube originals.  I really like Nelly’s expressive and colorful work but had trouble downloading these photos.  You get the idea and maybe tomorrow I’ll successfully upload the rest of the other paintings. 

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