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Happy Mother’s Day

Okay, ONE hour left in Central time in the U.S. to wish mothers a very special day today. We went to church, I played two violin duets with a former Korean student and then to pick up my folks.  I had to give my Mom our lilac and plum blossom bouquet first.  Then I also had along a Campfire coleus that requires full sun. That’s unusual for coleus which requires little to NO sun.  Then I also gave her a Ukrainian beaded necklace I bought for her a month ago in Kyiv.  Hard to believe I was there for ten days just a month ago.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Glad I’m back to our beautiful spring and how everything is greening out so nicely in the tree lines.  Our plums have been wonderful, next up will be our crabapple tree out front.  We are starting to get lilacs and then the chokecherry blossoms should be out as well.  Ken hosted my folks and me to a nice buffet this afternoon after church and then we went for a drive to a very famous nursery, it was bustling with activity, lots of flowers, plants, bare root trees were going out the door.  The grounds itself will be planted with whatever is left over from what people don’t buy.


Ken and I planted our garden that I had in our bay window for several weeks.  We put out brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, peppers and 24 different tomatoes.  Some insect was already eating up the leaves of the cauliflower and cabbage so I put SEVIN on it.  Now tonight I discovered that our ever so industrious gopher took out one of our peppers because he is setting up his mounded home in OUR garden. Ken put out some “bait” for that critter.  I DO NOT LIKE gophers!!!

Tonight Ken and I went for a drive in the countryside to our favorite asparagus patches and found some surprises and other places that are late bloomers.  I will bring some of that to work to share with others and also some lilac bouquets.  We are blessed to be living out in the countryside although right now it is VERY dusty.  We could use some rain soon.

For this month of May, I thought I better get this post done so I have at least two postings for my blog this month. I was advertising this to a genealogy group I spoke to last week.  I used to post every day while I lived in Kazakhstan.  Now being away from it for so long, I only keep up with what I am doing while living back in the U.S.  I am glad I still have visitors that come to this site…many are from either the US and Canada or Kazakhstan. I’m surprised how many other countries are represented in looking up about what I experienced while I lived and taught in both Almaty and Astana for about four years.  Great country. I wonder if I will ever get back to Kazakhstan again?


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Two steps forward, three steps back

Being laid up is not my cup of tea…that’s for sure. I have been out of the hospital for over a week but still not enough energy to get gardening or other necessary writing done. I will go to a benefit tomorrow to sell my book, booklet and other things. I will need my husband and my mom’s help to navigate this event. People know about my fall, they don’t know how frustrated I am with myself for not healing faster.

This too shall pass. I have to be patient with myself and the “progress” I am making. Others I saw yesterday were very sympathetic to my plight. However, I feel like for every step I take going forward, I am taking two steps that go backwards. Uffda! That is the frustrating part but I am glad for my family and their patience with me.

No matter where we are at, we should NEVER take our health or our energy level for granted. I did and I am more knowledgeable now. Every breath we breathe is not something to take for every day occurrence. It is a gift. Hopefully my readers know this already without having gone through a fall or some other “accident.”

Be thankful for the steps you are taking forward! Happy Mothers Day a day late!

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Happy Mother’s Day in Almaty

mother's day roseFun Sunday which ended nicely with a walk through the President’s park full of blooming lilacs and spirea.  I asked Marielena to join me which she readily did to go to the Intercontinental Hotel to pick up a map so she could navigate around the city better.  She lives near me and so after we took pictures through my favorite park, I went to her palatial flat for a drink of water.  Fun to have about 12 of us gather earlier at a restaurant with about 6-7 different nationalities represented: 3 Americans, France, UK, El Salvador, mid-Atlantic (since Rachel has a British mom and American dad), two Kazakh, one ethnic Kazakh and other Russian Kazakh and maybe another from South Africa.  I was on one end of the table and didn’t get to talk with those on the other end.  We had our token male who helped us celebrate Mother’s Day.  He roller bladed in from what would be an hour of walking.  The photos of the Kazakh scenes I took at the hotel from oil canvases on the wall.  I hope my own mother had a happy Mother’s Day in the U.S. which is also celebrated in New Zealand and Australia but not in the U.K.  Mother's Day mealMarielena in Prez parkKazakh sceneKazakh women by yurt

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