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Three Kazakh Teachers Making a Difference

I’m continuing the theme of what I blogged yesterday if you read Aigul’s piece. Yesterday I had given nine primary and secondary teachers the choice of two questions to answer in writing with a time limit of only a half hour.  The following three people, I thought, wrote very good answers to this question: “In what way do you think you can make a difference for the future of Kazakhstan?

Teacher #1 Our path to the future is going to be by knowing the past of our nation.  Without knowing the past of our country and people of our past, we cannot draw a future picture, make a brighter tomorrow. If any person does what he is up to, there will be no problem among people, no fight.

I am a teacher, so I will do my best to teach students to get more knowledge, as much as I can.  Everyone in our country has to sacrifice.  Sacrifice his free time, enjoyment, etc. just to be more useful in building of our new country and a new nation.  Our country has survived the Soviet Union and it’s up to us all to take part in this very process.

I am happy that I’m taking part with passing from a cradle period of our country to standing on its own feet steadily and still.

Germany has lost two world wars but could again be one of the seven big developed countries of the world.  How could they achieve that?  Sacrificing their legally free time.  They worked on Saturdays for free.  Why did they do that?  Because their country was in need of that help.

My aim in teaching English besides grammar, vocabulary, etc. provide my students with strong believe in future of our country. In period of more than 70 years, our land suffered from having no opportunity to think individually, to act as they wanted.  The very nation was like a nightingale with a beautiful voice, but chattering its wonderful songs not in a forest where it liked, but in a place where it was kept dependent.

My motherland has anything it wishes to be rich materially and spiritually.  It is rich with everything from the list of Mendeleyev and also have people who are eager to make their country one of the best.

Our history was lost or rewritten to make us believe that we had no remarkable past at all.  But nowadays everyone is aware of the history of the whole world.

As a teacher, it’s my job to make our students, a new generation, more patriotic and future confident.  Our president does all in his hands for a new generation to be highly educated and serve our country.  A lot of people are used to criticizing the leader, but we have to remember that we are ruled by someone like us, someone elected among one of us. Word Count: 408

Teacher #2 ” Children are our future says a proverb.  We, teachers have a greater responsibility for the future of our country.  Will it be wealthy and strong or poor and illiterate?  It depends on the knowledge that the young generation gets at school mostly.

Currently our country is undergoing sufficient changes in educational system.  The teaching process becomes open for students and their parents.  Pupils are now not the objects of learning, they are equal partners.

As a teacher of English, I have an opportunity to discuss any themes my students want to during the lesson.  So, I am not only a teacher, I am an advisor, trainer, and of course a friend.

The world changes, so do the youngsters.  Now they need the other approach, students want to be treated as equals.  Consequently, the educational system ought to fit new age demands.  I have knowledge and courage to work on the improvement of the educational system in my country. Word Count: 158

Teacher #3 I was born in the Republic of Kazakhstan and I am very proud of being the citizen of this country.  Before going to school my parents believed that I would succeed in my studies.  This belief and support they gave me were always great motivation for my further achievements.  I agree that education starts in the family.  Therefore what I gained in my childhood could help me make enormous difference for the future of my family and hence it would influence the future of the whole country.

Moreover, I believe that knowledge is power.  There is a constant exchange of knowledge and information between parents, teachers, professors, scientists and pupils, students and others.  Regardless of what we learn today or tomorrow, knowledge is one of the strongest powers that influence the future of one’s home country. 

First of all, I think I can transform my knowledge to future generations.  I also believe that having finished my degree program, I could be more aware of current situation in our country.  To be precise, the more you learn the more you realize the potential of your country, know its political strengths and weaknesses, and be clear about what should be done in the future.  One degree is only one step in which I could be useful for my country.  It is necessary to be in constant search.  By gaining more knowledge I believe I can make more difference for the future of my country.  Therefore everyone should think about being more educated so that he or she won’t regret about wasting time after all.

Word Count: 262

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