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Addiction, Addiction, Addictions…

What I had my former students respond to several months ago on Moodle were two short movie clips about addictions.  They were very powerful and moving.  One student concluded that addictions were the result of the breakdown of the family which leads the younger generation astray.  Where do students learn morals and ethics if not at home?  Are they learning how to be good Kazakh citizens at school?  These Kazakh children have a LOT to learn with being required to know three languages. Hopefully they will learn something about morals and good behavior from the plethora of Kazakh proverbs that can be a helpful and guiding force handed down from their grandparents. Here’s what one Kazakh teacher wrote:

“Recently we watched two short movie clips, very alike to each other: The Machine and Addiction. The second was less dramatic. Both of them are very topical nowadays.

The Machine was really tense and I realized that it was a soft comparison to the pornography watchers and online gamers of today. And these people are our young generation. They are addicted to their computer games and visiting pornography sites. And it is quite normal among youngsters. Moreover they share with each other and involve other people in that stuff. I know many teenagers who suffer from computer addiction, Mail Agent chat and just surfing the net for entertainments. As the result these pupils are left behind in their studies, lazy people and unmotivated adults in future.

The next short video is devoted to Addiction. It is not so tense, but for me it is like inside world of drug taker. His life has no sense, just repeating circle all the time. He stands in the morning and the only thing he searches is drugs and the ways to find them. It’s really difficult to help such people. Alcohol addiction can be added in this list.

All in all, I’d like to admit that all these problems come from the family. The children are not paid enough attention and bullied a lot. Psychological problems of the child cause difficulties in understanding the world around him thus making him search the atmosphere of oblivion at least for some time. And that’s really bad thing…”

(to be continued)

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