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Artist Nelly Bube Paintings (Part III)

Mustard seedlight of the worldrich foolwine skin

These four photos I picked off the Internet and will be the last of the series on the famous artist Nelly Bube.  Chances are fairly good that I’ll soon meet Nelly Bube who lives in Almaty since she knows many of the same people I know.  I just got an e-mail from an American friend of mine who wrote the following:

Odd you should mention Nelle.  I spoke with her on the phone just this morning.  This year, I and another will be celebrating 20 years with our company, and Nelle has agreed to do an A3 framed reproduction of one of her works for each of us as an award that we’ll give out at our awards ceremony on May 24. I have chosen “Light of the World,” and my colleague, “Mustard Seed,” for our awards.  I am excited that soon, in my living room, there will be a Bube reproduction– I love her work!!!

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