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Daur’s Grandparents “Lived in Stalin Times”

          My grandfather was born in 1932 when the whole country was suffering from hunger.  I don’t remember much about my grandparents only because they didn’t like talking about it. It was always about the present life. When I asked my mum whether she could tell me anything interesting about them, her response was “they lived in a time of Stalin” meaning the dullness of lifetime at that period.

           My grandfather was a teacher, all his life. From where I’m from, he was the first one who graduated from the institute. He taught in a lot of schools, he was the head teacher and the teacher. His subject was chemistry. I remember almost everyone talking about how my grandpa was so into his subject and how he loved and how he was the best at it. I grew up with my grandparents, so they were like my parents; I love them and miss them so much.

       As I said my grandpa was born in a period when there was hunger all over the land. When I was doing history, I once read that, at that period of hunger 3.5 million people died from it, this gave me the chance to see what my grandpa went through.

       Another thing I have to mention about my grandpa is that he used to take his students with him, every summer he took his students to different places, different countries and cities. My mum told me that he also took her to Moscow at year 8, to Leningrad, the Red Square in Moscow, the mausoleum of Lenin. There are many pictures of my grandpa and his students, they are so old. Their trip took 3 days. He enjoyed giving his students a happy lifetime to remember.

       About my grandma, she was also a teacher, she was a mathematician. She’s a great person. She is the only person I could look up to. When she left us for good, I couldn’t imagine going further. I grieved…

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