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“Healthy Children are the Future of Kazakhstan”

advert about healthy childrenhorse and riderhorse play 

The above advertisement on the billboard is translated from Kazakh and Russian about “healthy children are the country’s future” or something like that.  One day Ken and I saw young teenagers feeling frisky in the spring air by playing horse and riders with three on the bottom as the horse and two were on top.  All were giggling and we joined in the fun for that “kodak moment.”  One other billboard is promoting the Olympic torch that passed through Almaty several days ago (note three earlier posts about that).  I wonder how long those Olympic billboards will be up, maybe up until the games?  They are everywhere!  In any case, it is fun to smell the perfume of the apricot, plum and cherry trees as the petals are starting to drop.  I just hope our “future of Kazakhstan” students will hold out and study for their final exams and final papers before spring fever REALLY  hits!!!

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