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Being Proactive about Human Trafficking in Astana, Kazakhstan

73350_483556798352833_1587163499_nThe following is something I read on Facebook where I’m getting most of my news these days.  I’m busy working on a book so I am feeling isolated from the rest of the world. That’s why I thought I would share these photos because I am so encouraged by people DOING something. I’m glad that expats continue to be pro-active by raising awareness in Kazakhstan about Human Trafficking especially in Astana.

“On December 9, 2012 Center for human traffic victims Korgau-Astana supported by the Netherlands Embassy in Astana organized an event in the framework of the International Human Rights Day. The main purpose of the event was to raise general public’s awareness on human trafficking and spread the contact information for those who know about or can become potential victims. The event was organized in one of the busiest entertainment centers of Kazakh capital Khan Shatyr and gathered big attention from the general public and press.”

248771_483557958352717_798962127_n27267_483555995019580_1408194383_nMy Russian isn’t that good but I can read what was projected on the screen and understand that people are made to work as slaves against their will for the dollars generated: ladies, men and children.

THIS MUST STOP!  Awareness and knowing where to go to get help is part of the solution. How ironic that this show was staged to attract attention from shoppers in Khan Shatyr with dancers. It was only seen by the elite among those in Kazakhstan.  Unfortunately, the warning should be sounded loud and clear in the Central Asian countrysides where the vulnerable people are, desperate for a job.  They will believe any lie given to them about moving to the BIG CITY!

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Correct Answer: Khan Shatyr

Please look back at yesterday’s blog question of “Where was this photo taken?”  You almost have to live in Astana, Kazakhstan to fully appreciate where this new structure that opened up this past summer is located.  Being in the new part of town, it is the latest of architectural wonders.  But just wait until you see the latest national Kazakh library that will be going up soon.  I’ve seen photos of the blueprint, it is really something to behold!!! It will certainly rival the shape of the tipped tent of Khan Shatyr.  Maybe tomorrow I will show that which I’ll find off of google images.

Just for fun I thought I’d add this photo of the ride Ken and I took over a month ago.  It looked like fun but once we were on it, I questioned our sanity.  We were sitting in this car that was going on a very thin piece of metal 100s of feet above all the rest of the shopping centers below.  We made it okay though. The other entertainment choice is the roller coaster ride that goes through water, that’s what I showed yesterday.  I think I’ll try for the white sand beach next time we go to Khan Shatyr.

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Photos of a Mix of Old and New in Astana

Since I’ve had a LOT of words on my blog lately, I’ll put up some fall photos of what is happening in Astana.  New beginnings for many people, yet I like the OLD feel to the other side of town with the narrow streets and old buildings reminding me of Kyiv, Ukraine. What I think I like about the odd mix of Astana is that it expresses what is happening with our new university.  You have the old ideas mixed with the new.  Like old log cabins and pipes above ground with modern architecture and young people being celebrated.  Fascinating place to be right now in Kazakhstan, I feel privileged to be a part of this combining old with new, new with old.

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