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Stormed out today

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe snow is falling, light and fluffy and with a LOT of it as promised it will be wonderful for x-country skiing.  However, we are supposed to get 30 mph winds so that will make it a virtual white out.  I hope to get most of my classwork ready for Tuesday classes and then I’ll go out in this winter wonderland.  However, we might be blocked in with too much snow.

Fortunately, we have good neighbors 1 1/2 miles down the road that bring their big tractor to push the snow out of our driveways.  I gave a rose bouquet to the wife of the wonderful neighbor since it was Valentine’s day that he did it.  Before he showed up, I had asked my husband to snowblow our yard as a Valentine’s present.  Then, the tractor came.  My husband brought me to a nice Sweetheart dinner in town before we went to a jazz band concert.


Stormy out means we are socked in for the day.  We went into town for church but it had been canceled.  The highways were not plowed out but we could still navigate okay.  Someone else had come in from 30 miles away and got back home safely.  We had our adventure, best to stay inside where it is warm.

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