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Sholpan’s Father (Part III)

sholpans-fatherIn yesterday’s blog I wrote that I would include my officemate Sholpan’s father’s picture when he was a young man. Apparently he was quite talented as a poet, journalist and writer. In this photo which Sholpan proudly has on her desk, he is reading a book by Abai, a wise Kazakh sage and poet. Unfortunately, I found out from Sholpan that he died of some illness in Moscow at the young age of 44 in 1966 when she was only about 5-6 years old. She has no other photo of her father. Then she told me, through another Sholpan in our office who has better English, how she came by this one and only cherished photo.

I think her sister was riding a trolleybus in Almaty and was recognized by a former family friend. She used to take care of Sholpan’s father when he was a boy and she had this photo of him as a young man. Probably a LOT more to this story that I’d like to find out. Sholpan keeps asking her older sister for specific information about him so I may need to interview Sholpan’s older sister. I’ll keep my readers posted when I find out more about this very illustrious man named Izbergen who travelled widely during the Soviet Union’s chaotic years of the 1940s and 1950s. From what I gathered he was in Ukraine and Russia on assignment as a journalist. (to be continued)

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