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Photos of AIWC Spring Fair Entertainment

Indian dancersI believe many people enjoyed the AIWC Spring Fair on Saturday. Despite the fact that it had to be relocated inside the Intercontinental Hotel Ballroom instead of being outside by the tennis courts due to “iffy” weather. The following are some photos of the entertainment we enjoyed! The Golden Fish playUkrainian singersolder singersKathy with leader of singersAIWC Singers

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Tulips, Irises…and Hail!!!

tulips from HollandThese tulips came from Holland with my dear husband this weekend. Kind of like “bringing coal to Newcirises on campusastle” but I LOVED the colors and his thoughtfulness. Yesterday I got a snap of the beautiful irises on campus, same time of blooming as last year. Coming back from the AIWC Spring Fair at the Intercontinental Hotel on Saturday there had been a surprise thunderburst of weather after a beautiful, sunny day. Ken and I walked up the hill and we saw hail gathered in piles and I got a snap of hail collected in puddles. (See photo of hail below)

“Some moderns talk as though duties to posterity were the only duties we had. I can imagine no man who will look with more horror on the End than a conscientious revolutionary who has, in a sense sincerely, been justifying cruelties and injustices inflicted on millions of his contemporaries by the benefits which he hopes to confer on future generations: generations who, as one terrible moment now reveals to him, were never going to exist. Then he will see the massacres, the faked trials, the deportations, to be all ineffaceably real, an essential part, his part, in the drama that has just ended: while the future Utopia had never been anything but a fantasy.

Frantic administration of panaceas to the world is certainly discouraged by the reflection that ‘this present’ might be ‘the world’s last night;’ sober work for the future, within the limits of ordinary morality and prudence, is not. ” by C.S. Lewis from “The World’s Last Night”

hail in puddleThis may be what all the hubbub is about at Notre Dame this past weekend with a certain person’s presence for the graduation ceremonies.

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Happy Mother’s Day in Almaty

mother's day roseFun Sunday which ended nicely with a walk through the President’s park full of blooming lilacs and spirea.  I asked Marielena to join me which she readily did to go to the Intercontinental Hotel to pick up a map so she could navigate around the city better.  She lives near me and so after we took pictures through my favorite park, I went to her palatial flat for a drink of water.  Fun to have about 12 of us gather earlier at a restaurant with about 6-7 different nationalities represented: 3 Americans, France, UK, El Salvador, mid-Atlantic (since Rachel has a British mom and American dad), two Kazakh, one ethnic Kazakh and other Russian Kazakh and maybe another from South Africa.  I was on one end of the table and didn’t get to talk with those on the other end.  We had our token male who helped us celebrate Mother’s Day.  He roller bladed in from what would be an hour of walking.  The photos of the Kazakh scenes I took at the hotel from oil canvases on the wall.  I hope my own mother had a happy Mother’s Day in the U.S. which is also celebrated in New Zealand and Australia but not in the U.K.  Mother's Day mealMarielena in Prez parkKazakh sceneKazakh women by yurt

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