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Young Kazakh Teachers making a Difference!!!

I am very impressed with a Kazakh teacher not only because of her English writing skills but what she has set out to do to help her country of Kazakhstan.  This young woman has a mission to help special needs individuals.  A topic that more Kazakh and Kazakhstani people need to be made aware of, specifically the plight of people born with birth defects or deformities.  I would hope she could eventually meet Ryan, an American who understands people with disabilities and came to Kazakhstan this past summer.  He helped small children in orphanages and others with their parents to do their physical therapy so that some might eventually be able to walk.  I featured Ryan’s postings about his experience a month ago, check them out.  

However, you MUST read below what a Kazakh teacher wrote in 40 minutes 600 words, about what her passion is.  I will feature a few other Kazakh teachers in the next several days, they all answered the question: “In what way do you think you can make a difference for the future of this country of Kazakhstan?”

Teacher #1 – Kazakhstan right now is a land of new prosperity, changes and good opportunities.  We got our independence only 15 years ago, so we still are young and growing.  When I arrived in Astana, I started to believe for the brighter future, better changes and everything told annually, monthly and daily on TV about Astana and the newly developed Kazakhstan.  Huge amount of work is being done but we still have destinations to grow, countries to look up to and examples to learn from.  I was introduced to the problems of society, lack of protection almost 3 years ago as I started volunteering for the Organization of Disabled People of Aktobe City.  At the same time, I worked and helped the Women’s Centre “Umit” (hope) organizing projects on domestic violence.  While working, we had everything: daily complaints, holiday celebrations, problems with the wheel chair factory.  But mostly I was astonished and deeply frustrated to see the vulnerable points of government’s system, city’s consideration about protecting and providing with facilities for the disabled. 

Here is the list of the most important, to my mind, problems of all our society:

1)      people do not know a little, if at all about volunteer works.  We want better, more humane society. But how are we going to build it if the community is not willing to contribute or even has no idea how to do it?

2)      Disabled people or any other vulnerable people are detached.  We have very few schools for special needs kids, any good work or well serving medical and social systems.

3)      It is really difficult for them to get a good education, to visit any building because the ramps for wheelchairs (panduses) are not comfortable and sometimes there are no pandus at all.

I think all these problems are connected with each other and solving one we solve all three step by step.  Actually in my city, and I am very proud to be a part of it, we began finding solutions.  Realizing all the strengths I have, connections I found and hoping for my further personal growth in life and career, I think I can handle one more…my own volunteer club that will be an active one.  Having a club which will be a hand for needy people, place to learn life skills, having fun and doing something for the community I live in will help to realize my last, but not the least goal, to continue my work on youth initiative.  It means that I will try to educate youth on volunteering, social work, teach them skills they’ll need in life, help them grow and find their “thing,” stand open to the new things and the need of their society and country.

After having the club settled, I want to do much more fundraising, charity, events, trainings than I did this year and agitate healthy way of living by the project (a new one) that is international “I Hike for a Kaz” and trainings on HIV/AIDS sponsored by these fundraising.

These two things are not the only things I want to do.  Because there are also a lot of orphanages and poor families and bright students, I want to help to get all they can get from the future, go abroad, grow and get educated.

We need to develop and help non-governmental organizations as well.  So I want to be either the organizer of such organizations or their supporter and which is important I want to develop the youth, younger people, because their potential is amazing.  I hope my work will help to change our community and system for the better.  Word Count: 603

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