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Sunset on September

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEarly this morning I saw northern lights, they were subtle and I had to REALLY look over the northern trees in our northeast bedroom.  I haven’t seen these amazing lights for almost 15 years and when I saw them then, they were very obvious. My husband kept teasing that they were sugar beet factory lights but I knew better, they were the real deal.

We have had a LOT of rain lately which has definitely cleared the air from the ash smoke from Montana with their huge forest fires and also all the combining and harvest debris in the air.  We needed the rain but we do NOT need the muddy roads as a result. I thought it was that the township had put down cheap gravel but it is worse than that, our gravel road needs to be compacted underneath the superficial graveling. Ken’s car does better than mine and so we got into town okay on Tuesday so that I could teach. Today I’ll hopefully be able to use MY car to go teach but we are trading this one in for a 4 wheel drive.

Also, the Ford Fusion that we bought just a year ago is not good in snow which gets packed into the fancy looking tires.  The problem is when you have too much snow in the wheel spokes and then you can not turn your steering wheel right or left. The strangest thing and the only way to get rid of it is to hose down the tires so that the snow melts away. I don’t want to go through that again. I also don’t want to get stuck on the road just on the high grade like I did last spring. Our helpful neighbor came right over to pull my car out.

Last night I captured the sunset but should have gotten out sooner with my camera. The clouds above were spectacular but by the time I retrieved my camera, it was past the peak. You can decide by the photos I have attached.  We do live in very good country where we can breathe in deeply the fresh air, it is starting to be fall like. Welcome to winter with the temps gradually going down. The first snow is always a delight but it IS still September and the earliest I remember getting sloppy snow was October 4th. That would be a week away.  No, too soon!


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Fall is here, much harvesting to do…

3 grape clustersI probably already wrote this but I am busy with harvesting of all of our crops out in our vegetable gardens. I pick tomatoes every day and give to my Mom who cans them in quart size jars. Then I also pick sweet peas every day so I can give to people as a little but nice bouquet.  These flowers won’t last long, so I am making the most of them around our yard light fence.  Yesterday was a strong wind and that helped me to see the pumpkins that are under the big leaves and also all the decorative gourds that we have.  I cut those and will bring to the Pioneer Day celebration next week.  People may want to buy them but they are soooo BIG that it is not your usual decorative gourd.  They look big enough to eat instead of placing in a cornucopia.

My husband and I picked most of the plums that were on our trees to the south, bumper crop this year.  I have given away about 8-9 gallons worth and probably have from last night about 7 or 8 more gallons to deal with.  I roasted some of them last night at 400 degrees for about a half hour and the juice that came out will make a nice plum jelly. I’ve never made plum jelly before, always jam.  I made three batches of grape jelly last weekend and have enough grape juice that I processed for probably another three batches. The problem is that we don’t eat much bread so why all the jelly and jam?  Have to preserve this somehow so they will make nice gifts in the winter time.  The jars look so colorful with the bright jelly inside and one friend of mine says she uses the jelly jar I gave her last year as decoration in her kitchen. She is not the canning, jelly making type so she wants to make it LOOK like she did it.  I should give her some other jars to further decorate her kitchen.


pumpkins from our west west garden

What else to do today on this fine Saturday?  I have to dig up all the potatoes and we have a LOT of them. Plus all the carrots and beets.  We are still getting yellow beans and I’m glad we are DONE with the snow peas. I just kept giving those away after I made two salads out of them.  We have some green peppers and have been eating Swiss chard when it is ready.  We had brocolli and cauliflower but not much.  I think we are supposed to have cabbage but I’m running out of interest in watering that.

Last night I pulled up many of my flowering begonias from the flower bed and potted them to take into work or the Carnegie.  I have a lot of healthy coleus that should be planted as well.  I need bigger pots for that.  Anyway, I finished two weeks of teaching two classes of composition so I have my students who are into their schedule and a good bunch of kids. They want to learn. I have one know it all type student who seems mouthy but he will be harmless…I hope.

We got our grant of $8,765 to write articles about our farming area and our town so there will be three of us researchers working on that in the next nine months.  Always something going on for which I am grateful I can do things still.  Having my folks out for supper tonight, they are busy in town getting their garden torn up to put back into lawn.  So, I better get outside and do things that need work before we get another big rain tomorrow and Monday.

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