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Stained Glass window

I guess I was angry last time I blogged and now those feelings are replaced with other vexed thoughts and ideas.  Yesterday I sent an e-mail to people on my committee for the restoration of an old building’s flooring on the lower level. We have 20 days left before we open this historic building to the public. Much energy has gone into getting the posters up all over town and postcards sent out to people who have donated to our cause in the past.  However, there are some people connected to our historical preservation society who do not care one iota about the work that archivists do, they do not read or study old documents…what they do is build, construct, create with wood, etc.

So, this kind of procrastination has happened before when we needed a project done but we had to wait on this person’s timetable. Then this person’s kitchen sink got put into our kitchen nook area of this old building.  Indeed, it helps with watering all the plants that I have on the second floor. It is nice to have it upstairs, we also have a bathroom on the lower level, that helps too.

Now we have an annual event coming up in three weeks and this person is putting up the smoke screen that we have to pay someone to be given their written approval that we can go ahead with cosmetic changes on a dropped ceiling and also putting the floor in.  What gets me is that the board had agreed to having this flooring done last fall. Not only that, this person also went ahead last October and bought the flooring without asking any of us on the committee. He is now stalling and does not want to do the floor because of moisture problems in the coal bin area. We have needed a storage area for bucket, mop, snow shovel, pail, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.  Two reasons this person gives who does not want to be laying the floor in order for our committee members to be ready for our three day event! Power play!

Okay, I vented and have had help from another person who was a second pair of eyes to see what I wrote to our committee about this new development of no new flooring but using just the plywood.  Very upsetting that a retired guy who can’t hear at the meeting sits up with us as if he is a board member, he is not.  How does he get all this power to change things or give excuses to delay the process?  At our next board meeting, I am going to make a motion that we find someone else to take on the mantle of “groundskeeper” for our building instead of this guy who does not care one bit about our deadlines or the fact that this is our biggest fundraising event of the year!!!

Well, I’m putting a nice stained glass window up to show that there is beauty despite the angst that has been created by this ONE person who is old, retired, hard of hearing and doesn’t have the energy to volunteer anymore.  We are ALL volunteers and there are people who have donated money to have this project completed.

stained glass window Carnegie

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