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In the winter, there are better places to be enjoying

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter a delayed start in the cold climes where winter has finally descended in snow and cold, we ended up in warm Arizona on Saturday evening.  While we were waiting in the airport I said that we were delayed while using up time on Facebook. My friend asked which airline I was flying, turns out he knew someone who was delayed at our destination because of a suspicous package on the plane. They were all de-planed before they boarded and ended up at our terminal with the plane we were to take back from whence they started. Small world.  Of course the clerk behind the counter at OUR location didn’t suggest that it was a security risk but only told us about our 1 1/2 hour delay. In truth we were 2 hours delayed but it was so warm and sunny at 4:00 p.m. that we didn’t mind. The three hour flight was uneventful.

We wanted to get to Mesa so that we could celebrate my 97 year old aunt’s birthday that very day.  Missed seeing my one cousin but got to have a nice meal at Olive Garden with my other cousin and his wife.  We stayed at their home and saw how they had really made a nice new place for my Aunt Alta.  When we had heard they were converting their garage and part of their living area into her little place, I was thinking rustic.  Turns out that they used top of the line everything and she has a cozy little home that is a doorway away from her son and daughter-in-law…and ALL the grandkids and her great grandkids as well. She is a rich lady.


So after going to church the next day with Alta to help her celebrate her 97th b.d. with her church family, we took off for parts south of us to be at a place where we have stayed for the last four Decembers.  This way we get to see Laura and Steve with their four year old Andy and also 40 year old Liam.  We went out to a Mongolian restaurant last night but the night before we went to a farm festival with walls and walls of haybales and many more Christmas lights and decorations. We took a train ride and then we had good talks on our way there and back.


Our time to celebrate but I am still in high gear mode from home and have been sending out e-mails and other information because they had been put to the side while I was in the throes of teaching and finally getting grades submitted.  I realize that my students are still probably taking their final exams this week but I push to get papers done earlier so that they have the freedom to study for their other courses once their final presentations are done.

My 35 students had chosen different topics for their fourth research paper and I learned a LOT from some of them.  I’ve read before about horse slaughter and how that is a good thing rather what the options are for dying or older horses since the law passed in 2008.  Another student wrote about land and oil rights in North Dakota, another about raw milk. Every semester I get a student athlete who believes that college football players should be paid and there will usually be other topics that are controversial as well. One took on the electoral college which is a relevant theme now with our elections being over, but he did NOT show the counterclaim to his claim that this should be abolished.

In any case, this should be my vacation and I am enjoying the outdoor pool and also the hot tub but I can’t seem to get into that mode of relaxing and unwinding until some other projects are completed.  Okay, I should really enjoy this place that I am at right now because it will be all too soon that I will be back again to the cold temps and grading more student papers for next semester.


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On Vacation…Sort of

When you go on vacation, you are really at the mercy of those whom you stay with. You may think you are in control of your schedule, but you are not. Your hosts’ schedules come first and you work around that.  They have their set meal times and you go with that. Plus, the room you are staying in might be too cool but the bed’s comforter is just right.  The night before at our other host’s place, the bed may have been too small but the fan above kept things cool, rather than too warm.  Then there is the food issue, even though we packed enough food to give to others as gifts, we do not have our own snacks handy. Maybe we were too polite to take a second helping at the main meal.

This is our vacation for the next two weeks.  However, we will be more on our own for one week when we travel south to see the other grandkids.  We have our own rental car but it is a tiny, boxy little thing. We are used to our Toyota Camry that has ample space for others to ride with us.  We barely have room for our two smaller suitcases and two carryons. That is how small this “Spark” is.

On vacation but not from not knowing what is going to happen next with the grandkids nap schedules and feeding times.  I would LOVE to indulge in a nap, to just drop whatever is going on and catch up on a semester’s worth of sleep that was missed. I also feel like I need to be writing articles for our local newspaper because when you teach 85 freshmen students to write, there is NO time to do your own kind of writing.  Will there be space and time to get much needed writing done while on this vacation?  That would be my ideal vacation, to just sit and write when I want to and not have to do all this running around to see people.  But I LOVE seeing people to catch up, I just can’t do both.

I should not complain, we are in temps that are 60 degrees higher than where we came from in Minnesota.  We could get used to this very quickly but then we are not on our own schedule here, at least on vacation, we are not.  I think I could easily become a snowbird where I would have a little place that would look to the mountains and quietly write away.  I miss the mountains of Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan, I loved it when I would see the sunrises or sunsets with the mountains in the foreground.  Not where we are from in Minnesota, we only see the amazing colors in the morning or evening and perhaps with NO mountains we see more of it.  It has its own splendor.

Back to my vacation, it is 3:00 a.m. in the morning and I can’t sleep so I am sitting in the cold bathroom so my husband can continue to sleep. We will probably do play with the kids and then go shopping tomorrow, erh, I mean today.  I should go back to bed but I thought I would write about my vacation.  We have most of the presents wrapped for the kids and it is so much fun to play ball and catch with them.  The two year old has a natural skill with throwing and catching. I saw that already last year when he was a year younger.  The 4 year old has his own skills and talks more.  They are sooo much fun, so this “sort of” vacation is worth it to be able to catch up with the kiddlings.

Okay, over and out, I’m back to my vacation sleep time.


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