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Paintings and Artwork of Central Asian Reality from Past

I’m still watching very closely what is happening in southern Kyrgyzstan though it is very far from my husband’s and my flat in Astana, Kazakhstan.  I took some photos of artwork in Independence Hall several weeks ago.  The reality of Central Asian nomadic lifestyle is vividly shown in the two movies I watched recently, “Mongol” about Genghis Khan and also “Nomad, the Warrior.”  The latter has GREAT cinematography showing the Tien Shan mountains in the background. Both movies had good things to show about the Central Asian culture, but some of it was over the top, too fictionalized.

The other day I watched a 30 minute movie titled “Arabia” which seemed a promo piece for Saudi Arabia. The movie was put together by a Saudi student who had lived in the U.S. for seven years, I kept thinking “student project” over and over in my mind as I watched the story unfold about the two golden ages, first frankincense and now oil. You could have inserted things about Kazakhstan in it because it showed camels, desert, glitzy buildings, a proud past, oil money presently and much more.  The Bedoun tents were not as elaborate.However, the scene shot of Mecca with the tent city could have included some devout Central Asian Muslims doing their pilgrimage, but the Kazakhs are not that Muslim.  The Kazakhs are more interested in preserving their more romanticized distant past from even before the Muslims came to their land.  Enjoy the photos of what artwork I liked from 1,000s of years past up to about 100 years ago before the Soviets took over with industrialization and collectivization.

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Teeth “Bared” for more Buddy Bears…

Last night I watched “Mongol, the Rise of Genghis Khan” and also started “Nomad the Warrior” both rated “R” because of battle field violence.  Both are set in the steppes of Mongolia and Kazakhstan, fantastic scenery.  Fairly fictitious story line especially in “Mongol” but then Genghis Khan is larger than legend in many regards.  According to the movie Genghis had laws that people adhered to, no killing of women or children and do NOT betray your khan (leader), are just a few that I remember.

These are not cuddly “teddy bears” because they are NOT warm and fuzzy!!! They are really just fun pieces of ceramic artwork by all these countries together.  I saw a little girl in a pink jacket who insisted that her dad take a photo of her by each bear.  It was so cute because the father would say after each picture he took, “done.”  She would walk to the next bear and say, “again” and the dad and his friend laughed and took another photo of her.  So did I, it was such a cute scene.

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