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The Future of a “Slave Free Earth”

Will we ever know a world that is free from slavery?  Not in our lifetime on this earth, not while evil is present.  How can faux academicians in “Freedom From Religion Foundation” (FFRF)  transfix about God being the problem instead of the solution is beyond me.  Unfortunately, we are saddled with the son of the great President Ronald Reagan who is in this FFRF organization along with Richard Dawkins and other elite agnostics and atheists. The younger Ron Reagan thumbs his nose to Christians and claims he will be happy to burn in hell.  What unabashed, brazen arrogance.  I wonder what atheists and agnostics are doing to help the plight of those living in a present day hell…slavery here on this earth?

Recently I met up with the founders of “Slave Free Earth” at a forum they sponsored in Grand Forks, North Dakota. BTW, they happen to be Christian.  It was interesting to hear what the mostly Christian audience had to say from their own perspective about sexual slavery.  I knew of Will and Cathy Henderson when we attended the same international fellowship in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Small world when they are currently living in southeastern Montana, close to the boom towns with oil in western North Dakota.  That has created its own kind of problem.  Please read what a writer named Lisa wrote on the Slave Free Earth blog “When Sex Trafficking Became More than just a cause.”

Lisa’s story reminds me of what I heard from a college student who has also gotten involved in raising awareness about slavery.  Let’s call her Rita. I’ll share with you what Rita witnessed several years ago. It still haunts her today. Rita and her dad were taking in the sites of Duluth as tourists.  She  noticed an older man walking along the pier of Lake Superior without the requisite camera or clothes tourists normally wear in the damp cold.  A young, attractive girl was walking a pace or so behind this man.  He strutted as if he were proudly walking a dog, while she was sullen in demeanor and not dressed warm enough for the weather.  That struck Rita as odd and she pointed this scene out to her dad.  He too thought something was not normal about this pair.

Here’s what they could have done and here is what you can do if something like this happens to you to help identify a possible trafficked victim.  Call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center:  1-888-3737-888.  That should be easy to remember with all those eights, just remember 3737 in the middle.  Wow, more people need to know about this, right?  We trust our American laws to be in place to back up the law enforcement officers when they respond to calls where there are suspicious activities happening.  Think “Courageous.”

If you have a chance to question the potential trafficked victim, here is what you might ask. Affirmative to just a few of these queries would be enough to know you are probably talking to a slave.

1) What type of work do you do?

2) Are you being paid?

3) Can you leave your job if you want to?

4) Can you come and go as you please?

5) Have you or your family been threatened?

6) What are your working and living conditions like?

7) Where do you sleep and eat?

8) Do you have to ask permission to eat/sleep/go to the bathroom?

9) Are there locks on the doors/windows so you cannot get out?

10) Has your identification or documentation been taken from you?

Let’s make the future of a “Slave Free Earth” possible.  Do your part to be more knowledgeable, to make others aware that this is a problem not only in some far off country like Kazakhstan but also in our backyard of Minnesota, North Dakota and Montana.  With the Super Bowl this weekend, there are sure to be many reluctant prostitutes in the area for men who are not really men but “Johns.”

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