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Guess who this leader was???

The following are quotes from a very (in)famous leader, without scrolling down to the bottom, see if you can guess who he was.  This man insisted that his loyal followers would be able to quote him on any given lofty subject such as:  Political Work, The Correct Handling of Contradictions among the People, War and Peace, Serving the People, and Patriotism and Internationalism.  Since I’m an English teacher in Kazakhstan, I was most interested in what this man had to write on the last of thirty-three topics of “Study.”


“We must learn to do economic work from all who know how, no matter who they are.  We must esteem them as teachers, learning from them respectfully and conscientiously.  We must not pretend to know when we do not know.”

“On the People’s Democratic Dictatorship” (June 30, 1949) Selected Works. Vol. IV. P. 423.


“Knowledge is a matter of science, and no dishonesty or conceit whatsoever is permissible.  What is required is definitely the reverse – honesty and modesty.”

“On Practice” July 1937 Selected Works, Vol. I, p. 300.


“Those experienced in work must take up the study of theory and must read seriously; only then will they be able to systematize and synthesize their experience and raise it to the level of theory, only then will they not mistake their partial experience for universal truth and not commit empiricist errors.  

“Rectify the Party’s Style of Work” (February 1, 1942) Selected Works, Vol. III, p. 38.


“Some people have read a few Marxist books and think themselves quite learned, but what they have read has not penetrated, has not struck root in their minds, so that they do not know how to use it and their class feelings remain as of old.  Others are very conceited and having learned some book-phrases, think themselves terrific and are very cocky; but whenever a storm blows up, they take a stand very different from that of the workers and the majority of the peasants.  They waver while the latter stand firm, they equivocate while the latter are forthright.”

Speech at the Chinese Communist Party’s National Conference on Propaganda Work (March 12, 1957)



Answer:  Chairman Mao Tse-Tung

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